the perfect weekend

Dress c/o Matalan, Tesco tights (which I shamefully discovered had a hole mid thigh whilst out and about), Georgia Rose boots c/o Sarenza.

Yesterday was one of those days that makes you think “this is what the weekends should be like, always”. With almost spring-like sunshine beaming down on us, Best.Friend. and I hopped in her car (she’s my personal driver, really) and headed down to Clarks Village in Somerset; about an hour away from us. I raved about this place a couple of weeks ago when my parents went, and I will continue to rave. Best.Friend. bought a beautiful dress in the Monsoon outlet at a crazy price to wear to a mutual friend’s wedding in May (I am yet to purchase my dress, but know what it will be!) and we both stocked up on undies in M&S (£5.75 for a matching set) and bras in Calvin Klein (3 for £16). The Cadbury shop is always a delight and we came away with chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate, and the surprise winner of the day was Claire’s Accessories where I got some much needed silver stud earrings for crazy cheap.

Other shops we looked in and enjoyed were Yumi which had amazing bargains if they had your size; they didn’t for me this time, and several places selling handbags. We had a cheap and tasty lunch in Subway and stopped off at a nearby Sainsburys to raid their bakery for a snack.

The evening was spent watching Saturday night TV before falling asleep shamefully early, and today I am hopefully seeing Ellie for one of our Chickpea buying missions with an added trip to Primark. I need to be restrained as I don’t get paid until Wednesday, but when shopping opportunities present themself, it’d be rude to refuse.

How’s your weekend going? Bought any bargains or done anything especially wonderful?


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  1. Love this dress the print is fab. Sounds like you really did have the perfect Saturday xoxo

  2. Such a pretty dress, I love the pattern on it and the colours!

  3. Lucy

    Gorgeous dress!

    We went to the Clarks Village last summer, but Yumi didn’t have much in my size then. Mum bought me a lovely dress when she went though, so I guess it’s one of those places where you can be lucky or unlucky

    Lucy xx

  4. Great dress, I love the colours and your boots!!

  5. That’s a cute dress X

  6. I really love that dress on you. Sounds like you had a great day too.

  7. Clarks Village sounds like my sort of place!

  8. I just love days like that! Sounds just perfect. I had such a good day yesterday too. Love that fab dress x

  9. Vix

    That sounds like a fab day, I’ve got a friend who raves about Clarks’ Village and picks up some fab stuff from the Monsoon outlet there.
    Love that dress, gorgeous with your hair colour. x

  10. Sounds like a great way to spend a weekend xx

  11. I like Clarks Village I want to go back again soon.

    I love Yumi they have some gorgeous dresses and bags.

    Love your outfit too xx

  12. This dress is so pretty!

  13. I love the print on your dress 🙂 It sounds like you’re having a great weekend!

    Caroline x
    Caroline’s Catwalk

  14. Sounds lika a heavenly day hun.

    X x

  15. Sounds like the perfect weekend indeed 🙂 I feel your pain as I’m not paid til wednesday either, but it would be rude not to indulge… xx

  16. Super pretty summer dress 🙂 Love the colours .. makes me H.A.P.P.Y 😀

    have a super weekend lovely, i’m in Bristol this W/E heading to bath today for a stroll and some shop browsing xx

    Mel x

  17. That dress looks really good on you!

  18. Sounds like a fab weekend 🙂 unfortunately mine is being spent catching up on work!

    Sarah x

  19. Love the boots and dress – gorgeous!
    Claudia xxx

  20. Keep reading so much good stuff about that Clarks outlet village. We have an outlet mall near us and man you can get some bargains! Enjoy what is left of your weekend! x

  21. wow sounds like you had some brilliant bargains! and your dress is so cute 🙂



  22. I’ve never been to Clarks Village, I must go one day, I had no idea there was a Cadbury shop!

  23. Lovely dress, I like the print! Glad you had a good weekend, enjoy the rest of your Sunday 🙂 x

  24. Love the dress and boots 🙂 xx

  25. This sounds like the perfect weekend! We always used to go to Clarks village to buy school shoes but I haven’t been back for years!

    Maria xxx

  26. that dress is the best thing i’ve seen all weekend xx

  27. You make me want this dress.

  28. Sounds like a lovely weekend! I adore this dress, it goes perfectly with those gorgeous shoes xx

  29. Sounds like you’ve had a lovely weekend! I’m already counting down to the next one! x

  30. Your boots are SO perfect Laura!

  31. I am totally in love with your boots!! They are amazing!!!
    Great blog! Lots of Love AmenFashion17

  32. I love the dress. It sounds like you’ve had a lovely weekend, I’m about to start mine and I’m heading to the Isle of Wight to see my Papa and I’m very much looking forward to it x

  33. that dress is gorgeous! I really must check out matalan. sounds like you’ve had a great weekend!


  34. I love the pattern of the dress!

  35. Amy

    Jealous of your weekend. I love outlet shopping especially if chocolate is involved.


  36. Dude, your day sounds perfect. When I hear about these kinds of trips, it makes me wish I had friends to do this with.

  37. You are TOO cute Mrs. xx

  38. That dress is lush x

  39. I love this dress on you. The colours are great, can’t believe it’s from Matalan.

    Looking fab as always.

    Jojo xx

  40. This really does sound like the perfect weekend. I never go shopping with my girlfriends so am pretty jealous of this x

  41. Can I have all your clothes, pleasseeee?

  42. Great post — and obsessed with your style!! Keep up the good work!
    Started following your blog 🙂 Hope you’ll check mine out too!


  43. Law

    Omg !! That dress is so pretty you look stunning Laura 🙂 adore it. Aww had a nice weekend, with the boys 🙂 aww sounds like you had a fab time I do love shopping with your bestie. Xxx

  44. beautiful dress 🙂
    <3 Holz oxo

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