the purples

It seems that I, and (according to twitter) many others have been struck by mid-season frustration. It has become that funny no man’s land where all the festive party wear has departed the shops to be replaced by new season wonders and yet a) the weather doesn’t allow us to wear it yet, and b) it is mid January and funds are err, lacking to say the least.

So for now it’s a case of lather, rinse, repeat on old favourites. For me, at least. I am once again mourning the lack of decent (read, non expensive) charity shops in the area. It defeats the point for me, to pay Primark prices for what is indeed Primark, only second hand…even if the money does go to Charity.



I haven’t worn this dress in a while, a Summer Sale New Look purchase, it doesn’t seem to fit the bill for this season, or next. But I like it. And it goes with a multitude of my tights…

Tights, as we know are my saviour!


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  1. That dress is cute and, as always, your tights are wonderful. The amount of Primark in charity shops just makes me grumpy

  2. I love that dress with the bright tights.

    I know what you mean about charity shops! Some bloggers seem to pick up such amazing vintage stuff for pennies and all the ones round here are indeed full of Primark … and I look at it and think “Well it would have cost less than that new!”

  3. I know what you mean, over-priced charity shop clothes are a real turn off.

    Love them tights btw πŸ™‚

  4. I’m finding that the charity shops are a very mixed bag at the moment. I went to about 7 or 8 on Saturday and didn’t find a single thing I wanted except books. As a general rule the local charity and hospice shops are more reasonably priced than the “chain” ones.

    Love your dress though hun! I seem to have lost my layering mojo. I was fine when it was freezing but now it’s not quite so cold I seem to have lost the ability to dress appropriately!

  5. I know what you mean- I live near a nice high street and the charity shops charge quite a lot even for second hand Primark! Love you tights πŸ™‚ x

  6. Lovely dress!


  7. That dress is lovely, and as always you look fab! xx

  8. yeah, sometimes the old ladies in the charity shops jsut don’t know how cheap things are new these days I think πŸ˜›

  9. dan

    Got to love tights! I got some burgandy ones in the topshop sale, love them xx

  10. Cute dress, love it!

  11. I know what you mean about Charity shops, I dont know where people get things for pennies! Sometimes its cheaper in Primark haha!
    Those tights are such a beautiful colour, you look lovely!
    Thanks for the birthday wishes πŸ™‚

  12. i’m trying to cut my shopping trips down to monthly, so i can’t say i’ve been in / around many of late..
    but i am stuck in the ” nothing to wear” rut :S

  13. the dress is really pretty! and yes, if you’ll gonna buy primark secondhand please make it cheaper that it already is!!

  14. Yep charity shops do seem most expensive at the moment where I am too! These purple tights look fantastic on you.

  15. The tights and dress both look lovely. Over priced Charity Shops are just a mock at the whole thing- when you can go to a proper shop and buy for the same money!x

  16. As I’ve said before you’d have a wicked collection of tights@

  17. That dress is so pretty Laura. I’m pretty uninspired at the moment, hopefully as spring kicks in there’ll be more on offer in the shops x

  18. Love the way you carry off coloured tights. My dad always calls me a smurf/devil or anything related to the colour of my tights lol! Beautiful as always x

  19. Ach, I’m so glad you brought up the primark-charity shop dilemma! I’ve seen full-priced primark stuff in charity shops way too often, and actually got talking to one woman who’d seen a charity shop primark donation priced higher than it was selling for in Primark!! Crazy.

    Anyway, rant over, your outfit is lovely – can’t get over the colour of those tights, it’s beautiful!


  20. January and February tend to be slow months financially in the area where I am too. I’m a bit surprised that the charity shops would mark their second hand Primark so close to the new off the rack price.

    I love the lace yoke, puffy sleeves, the print on the fabric, and ruffled hem of that pretty dress and the lilac coloured tights look lovely with it.

  21. Lovely colour choice of tights with the dress.
    You know I adore a charity shop, can’t complain about the lack of bargains in the ones I’ve been in recently although it’s a notoriously poor time of year for donations. xxx

  22. Loving the purple tights chic! Perfect way to add colour to a simple outfit.

    Daisy Dayz Home
    Cross-Jones-Photography Home

  23. Love the tights – I am constantly attached to my GAP wooly ones at the moment… I love looking through charity shops but the amount of Primark gets me down and the looks I get off little old ladies makes me feel like I don’t belong in there, sorry for the long comment!

    Love the blog!

  24. Pretty dress and great with the bright tights.
    Charity shops are the same here. Secondhand primark at primark prices.


  25. I totally feel your pain!!
    It snowed again last night,
    And then turned to hail,
    Which turned to rain.
    I’m feeling blah today to say the least.

    But only a few more weeks and the sun will start to warm.
    And everything will start to fall into place.


  26. You look adorable as usual! I’m very glad you liked that color πŸ™‚
    And looking forward to read your card ***

  27. i love chairty shops i bought a lipsy dress for Β£2-3 and now its my most loved dress XD and i love the tights aswell i hope u find a nice vintage and charity shop πŸ™‚

  28. Definitely a look worth repeating. Love it!

  29. I only ever buy books or ornaments in charity shops. Haven’t managed to find any clothing bargains but I enjoy looking. It makes me laugh when shops bring out their summer stock and flood the shelves with bikinis before Easter has even passed. Frustrating though.
    Enjoyed yesterday’s video btw!

  30. Amy

    That dress is so adorable and perfect with those purple tights. You are my tight muse, btw! πŸ™‚

    Hope you are having a great week so far.


  31. Agree 100%. I always rush to buy spring stuff and end up freezing my a**e off for months til it’s properly warm enough to be wearing it! xx

  32. Can find some lovely stuff in charity shops. Really hit and miss tho. Love your dress πŸ™‚

  33. love the coloured tights, works so well! x

  34. Tights can re-invent a dress and these are doing the job very well. But the dress on it’s own is pretty too

  35. Love the purple tights! A great way to get some colour in January methinks. I need to wear more colourful clothes and thanks for the comment, I’ll put some photos of the jewellery up soon. xxx

  36. wow so cute! i love these tights!

    found your blog, i love it! following you, follow back if you like mine?


  37. Nice πŸ™‚ and great tights πŸ™‚ I’m really overdue a charity shop binge

  38. That dress is so cute!! Love the prints!!

  39. LOVE the purple tights πŸ˜‰

  40. Thanks for being an amazing blogger – this is for you:

    Stylish Blogger Award


  41. I agree with you about Charity shops, they are getting so expensive now it’s depressing! πŸ™

    Lovely dress! xxx

  42. I love that POP of color! Looks great πŸ™‚

  43. Love the pop of color with the tights!

  44. hey love i am nearly positive you’ve received this, but i was given the style award so after searching i found out what it was and if its okay, i tag you. you know what i tag you anyway even if its not okay so there πŸ˜› ehe xoxox lots of love

  45. You’re so beautiful. I love the dress.


  46. love the color of your tights very pretty

  47. This is such a pretty dress, the tights really finish the look off πŸ™‚