The Standard Instagram Post

Yep, it’s that time again!
My little lady.

Can’t get enough of Bob Marley right now- clinging on to summer.

More love for my Laird London hat.

Ellie’s Spanish friend’s balcony view. I want to be here right now.

New tourniquet for work. It amuses me at least.

I wish I had bought these back from Spain in bulk. SO good.

Evening chilling with Earl Grey and a BN biscuit.

Gorgeous packaging from Nica.

The boy’s cat, Tobias pretending he’s still a kitten (when he slept in a box every night without his arse hanging out the end).


Mae’s current bed of choice.

New shoes from Yull.

Additions to my Black themed AW.
Until next time, 
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6 comments for “The Standard Instagram Post

  1. LOL at Tobias and Mae! I love those crisps too xxx

  2. The skirt and shoes in the last picture are great!

  3. That balcony looks pretty amazing!

  4. It’s funny how cats find the most crazy places to sleep and play in. Every time we get a new box or something our cats are all over it. It makes them far too happy!

  5. LOVE your hat!
    My cats love to sleep on the TV box too, the warmest part of the house! x

    Leanne – A Slice of My Life