the velveteen rabbit

Top: H&M
Skirt: c/o Ax Paris
Tights: Calvin Klein
Boots: Bertie via Tk Maxx
FINALLY I can wear these boots, I still remember the woman asking if I was mad when I bought them before Christmas whilst on crutches. Lady, at the price I paid I would have been mad NOT to buy them, so there! I can’t remember what I paid, actually but it was around £20 instead of over £100 and having lusted after them since Bertie first released them I was, and still am feeling very smug about them.
I’d forgotten about this rabbit top (dress, actually) from H&M which I *had* to have and have worn all of three times. It’s actually a dress but now I’ve gained weight it’s a tad revealing for decency so I whacked it on with this faux leather skater skirt from Ax Paris and called it a top. Genius.
It’s almost the weekend and this week has been a VAST improvement on last week so far. I even had the motivation to do some baking yesterday afternoon which is practically unheard of these days. Gone are the days where I bake all the time, often I think it’s a great idea and then quite frankly, can’t be arsed.
I’m sure there was something else I was going to mention in this post but I cannot for the life of me remember and I need to get a move on and head towards getting ready for work. I’ve earned myself the nickname “super woman” this week, however despite popular suggestion I am not wearing my underwear over my clothes. Sorry.
P.S. thank you for the lovely comments on my bodycon post. You lot are lovely.

22 comments for “the velveteen rabbit

  1. I love bunny rabbits! I also love the look of your H&M rabbit top and your skirt, although I would veruy much like to have seen you wearing the full H&M rabbit print dress. I’m sure it would have looked much much better than decent. Regardless, your outfit looks fabulous. So what did you bake yesterday? Congrats on earning the nickname “Super Woman” at work! Regarding your response to that last popular suggestion, drat! I would have loved to see that outfit! Have an excellent day and a relaxing back home again afterwards.

  2. Lovely post Laura, really like your outfit, you look grreat. CUTE shoes! x

  3. Underwear over your clothes with this outfit would be perfect.:) That bunny top is too cute for words!! You look great, honey.;)

  4. Perfectly genius & I agree with the boots, they are gorgeous!

  5. I love this bunny dress and you’ve styled is fabulously as a top. Your boots are gorgeous too x

  6. I love this outfit! The skirt is fab, plus the boots are really sweet x

  7. LOVE this outfit, those boots are fantastic xoxo

  8. Ahh omg. You look absolutely stunning!!! The outfit is quite literally perfection. May have to bookmark this post so I can come back and look, is that weird and creepy? I hope not. It’s just that seeing you looking so gorgeous makes me want to smile and dance. Is that also weird? I’ll stop writing now..! Xo

  9. Laura! :O You little fox. I think this is my fave outfit of yours, ever! That skirt is so cute and looks perfect with your dress.

    The Style Rawr!

  10. This is one of my favourite outfits of yours because it fits you so well and is really flattering. This style of skirt suits you perfectly.

  11. You look lovely here, those boots are AMAZING!

    Maria xxx

  12. Glad you are having a better week this week dear!

    I wish you had smaller feet so we could share the things. I’m a a 4 =(

    Corinne x

  13. Oh how lovely you look! Bertie boots for £20? Yes, you’d be mad not to!x

  14. You look healthy and incredible. xxx

  15. Soooo cute. Perfect recycling of a dress! I think those boots will be froever chic too so a great investment.

  16. I have that same dress!! 😀 I wear it with a skirt too, as it is a bit short. You are rocking it, lady! And love the shoes 🙂

  17. You look amazing! this skirt is amazing, this bunny’s print is amazing, just wow <3

  18. Great idea to rework the dress! It looks adorable! I was thinking of doing something similar with a dress in my closet that I just can’t wear anymore. I thought it might be a sewing project, btw I can. not. sew, but maybe I’ll just try tucking the extra in instead! x

  19. You’re looking stunning in this outfit (as your other recent ones)! Loving the bunny prints!

  20. Your top is adorable and this outfit looks amazing on you – stunning lady! xxx

  21. Anonymous

    this looks stunning with the skirt. you look beautiful as always dear!

  22. I love this outfit, it really suits you! xx