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We can change the colour of our hair, nails and clothes as we please so why not our eyes? I’ve written before about my experiments with a new eye colour, opting for a bright green shade
Since then I’ve thought a lot about trialling more colours, there was something quite freeing about being able to change the intensity of my stare and it also had me thinking about whether eye colour affects our personalities in the same way as they say hair colour does.
Do you feel bolder with bright hair? Do you think you’d feel braver if your eyes were lavender instead of baby blue? I’m not 100% convinced, there’s a lot of dubious looking information on the website so as far as I’m concerned there is only one way to find out!

Enter and their range of coloured contacts. There is pretty much a colour for every day of the week…
Violet for when you feel like being different, brown, green, hazel, grey, blue and all available in prescription and non prescription varieties. For inexplicable reasons it’s the violet colour that’s calling me…

probably because it’s not a colour found in nature (is it?) and I think it’d look pretty ace with my red hair!

This might seem like a really random post to be writing but I do love the idea of changing my look in a non permanent way. It could also be a pretty good way of testing people’s observation skills…blue eyes one day, brown the next, I’m not entirely convinced my friends and colleagues would notice!

How do you feel about coloured contacts? Do you fancy changing the look of your eyes or do you prefer other ways to liven things up? What’s the most drastic change you’ve ever made to your appearance? Regale me with stories of disaster or massive success below!


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  1. I’m not at all convinced by wearing coloured lenses for cosmetic purposes – they’re not properly fitted on the whole, something which should be done by Opticians, and they can severely damage the eye if worn by inexperience lens wearers x

  2. I think the violet would look fab with your hair colour too 🙂 I personally wouldn’t wear them, only because I hate the idea of putting them on my eyes. I have to wear glasses as I’m short-sighted, and I’d love if it I weren’t so squeamish and would test out contacts, but it’s just not going to happen!! I’d love to see you wearing the violet ones though 🙂 I think for the most part people would notice, they just wouldn’t be able to pin down what it was that was different! I always notice striking eyes, you have gorgeous blue eyes, much like my boyfriend’s eyes 🙂 xx

  3. I’ve never worn contacts but had, of course, heard of people wearing coloured contacts to change the appearance of their eye colour. Since I haven’t tried them myself or asked I wouldn’t know what it’s like. As long as it doesn’t impair your vision any, why not? I love the eye colour you have but green is lovely too and Saint Patrick’s Day will be here in only 24 days! The most drastic change I ever made to my appearance was (one at a time) shaving off my beard, shaving off my mustache and sideburns, and then getting my shoulder length curly hair cut off and using a blowdryer on my shorter haircut. Other than that the only changes were on Halloween or New Years when I went out in full drag. The beard, mustache and hair differences are a matter of taste. Before I stopped drinking whether the full drag changes were successes or disasters seemed to depend on how drunk I was or got before, during and after. I’m glad I no longer drink.

  4. So weird, but I was just talking about this with a co-worker! I think the violet would look perfect on you.
    I’ve always wanted to get brown contact lenses hahaha, I love brown eyes!

  5. This is a really great post! I love the thought of changing my eye colour, more to see if anyone actually noticed it about me tbh. I don’t think i could ever try contacts though, the thought of putting something in my eye and wearing it all day freaks me out haha! xx

  6. I know a lot of girls who would use them, but personally I am happy with my own eye colour. 🙂

  7. Anonymous

    old picture why?

  8. Oh, yes! I’ve used them before. They were tinted lenses and only came in aqua, royal blue, and green and I had them fitted by my eye doctor as they were prescription strength.

    When I’d put them in, I’d see the world a bit tinted too, but then you get used to it. People really did notice, especially when I was outside. Altho my eyes are naturally blue, when I had the aqua or the green ones in everyone really commented on how unbelievably bright my eyes were. The attention was kinda fun, but unlike with hair not being your natural colour, it seemed like a bigger deception. I still wear them from time to time. I really wish they’d do a purple tho. I don’t like the opaque ones as much. I think they look kinda fake, but can understand that the tints only work on light eyes, and dark eyes shouldn’t have to miss out on the fun. xx

  9. Dear Anon- old pic from the old post. No other reason or hidden agenda.

  10. Gawd girl! Sorry wasn’t looking at your eyes was too distracted by those cheekbones, wow!

    Elspeth xx

  11. Mat

    blimey, reminds me when people did black and white ones a la Marilyn Manson

  12. If I wasn’t so awful at taking them out I’d wear coloured contacts more often! I had some green ones I loved to bits, and some unopened purple ones sitting in my drawer. Sadly long nails and eyeballs and not the greatest of combinations.
    I think you look stunning with green eyes though, and purple is always a winner =P

  13. I don’t really like coloured lenses as they often make people’s eyes look a bit sinister (in the few examples I’ve seen in real life!) I wouldn’t wear them myself as I don’t particularly relish putting things in my eyes!!!

  14. Anonymous

    I once changed my dark brown eyes to bright green. Everyone noticed. Even strangers did a double take, I guess they were really cat like.lmao

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