the wanderer returns

I’m back from the (almost) two most amazing weeks of my life and can’t wait to get back in to blogging over the next week or so.
I have so many things to share so prepare for an onslaught of holiday themed posts, both about my holiday plus suggestions and tips for your own holidays.
I’ll also gradually be catching up with everyone else and your wonderful blogs but give me time- I return to work tomorrow and have a heck of a lot of catching up to do with family and friends.
And first,
Β I need sleep. Lots of sleep.

11 comments for “the wanderer returns

  1. Welcome back lovely πŸ™‚ sounds like the best holiday, can’t wait to hear more about it and see your photos! Enjoy your rest xx

  2. Welcome back! Glad you had a fab time, look forward to your holiday posts πŸ˜€ xxx

  3. YAYERS!!! cant wait to hear all about it πŸ™‚

  4. dan

    welcome back! xx

  5. What a lovely sky in that photograph! Hope you had a great time away!

  6. welcome back dear! i hope you got some much deserved rest and relaxation! i’m super jealous you got some beach time!

  7. Glad you had a lovely holiday.Can’t wait to hear about it.

  8. looking forward to hearing about it

  9. Cant wait to hear about your trip, catch up on your sleep first though.

  10. Welcome back – it’s so nice to get away and relax in the sun. My holiday is due soon! X

  11. Welcome back lovely and greetings from Switzerland. My husband is sleeping do am sneaking reading bliss. Glad u had a great time x x