with the sun in your eyes

Going on holiday to somewhere like Spain in August of course means sunglasses are a prominent feature. I myself took away three pairs (and bought another there) although I admit by the end of the two weeks I did stop wearing them as I was developing white rings around my eyes!
There were a few trends I noticed whilst out there. 
Aviators were the most worn style by both men and women. You couldn’t move for street hawkers selling knock-offs and for those with the real deal the brand of the year was most certainly Ray Ban. I’m not adverse to a pair of aviators and found myself envying males and females alike for their ability to pull them off. Something I have never managed.

Big, stand-out sunnies were mostly favoured by Spanish ladies over a certain age and were often combined with back-combed hair, bright lipstick and tight white trousers paired with a t-shirt with blatant designer logo. Last year every young girl we passed had this type of shade but it seems to have fallen out of favour and passed down to mother’s and grandmother’s. I’m a fan though, but once again they drown my face!

It may make me a cliche but I’m still partial to my wayfarer style sunnies. I have a few pairs in a range of colours and find them bold without being too standout. These were still popular, especially with the young ‘uns (which I no longer count myself as) in bright colours. I stuck to purple. Or grey with a print because I’m fairly boring these days. I think, having discovered this style they will always be the one for me!

Have you noticed any trends on your travels? I’d be really interested to hear about it if you have. 
What style do you prefer?
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4 comments for “with the sun in your eyes

  1. I have such a small face that most sunnies look feral on me. I wish I could pull off the aviator look.

  2. Wayfarers are the ones for me too 🙂 I had never found a pair of sunglasses that suited me until this year when I happened upon a pair of Gant tortoiseshell ones in TK Maxx – happy days! I love the aviator style but they really don’t suit me, my boyfriend wears them with ease though xx

  3. I love the wayfarers, wish I could pull them off! xxx