This is Not Just Easter…

I told you I was really getting in to Easter this year and following on from my non-edible gift guide I now present to you one of the tastiest looking gift guides I have ever compiled.Marks and Spencer are always bang on with their innovative food ranges for all occasions and this Easter is going to be no exception; get a load of this little lot!
I’ve popped a little description and the price of each product with the image so if you hover over you can see it. How amazing does everything look? I have wanted the Hello Kitty for a few years now so I was delighted to see M&S have bought it back again, although it’s almost too cute to eat. Almost.
The cracking dessert sounds promising, I’ll let the experts do the talking though! “For an Easter treat on the go or at home try this Easter Cracking Dessert (£1.30 95g). A crunchy crumb layered with milk chocolate cheesecake and vanilla mousse, topped with orange and lemon curd”. YUM! I’ll be keeping an eye out for this one.
This post really only touches the surface of what Marks and Spencer have to offer over the next few weeks, there are so many more products I could have shown you but I decided to be a bit of a tease meaning you’ll have to pop in store and check it out for yourselves. If I haven’t bought it all that is…I’m destined to be egg shaped by May at this rate!
Have you seen any awesome Easter products I should be blogging about? Drop me a note in the comments and I’ll check them out.


7 comments for “This is Not Just Easter…

  1. I had a Percy Pig egg last year and it was amazing! xxx

  2. I love the Hello Kitty easter egg, it’s so cute! x

  3. Love these! I want the speckled egg! xxx

  4. Ooh, these look scrummy! I love M&S 🙂

  5. That speckled egg nearly looks to good to eat – that’s a great egg!

  6. I am So spending the selecting my egg this year, I just want one and its not allowed to disappoint 🙂
    The Dulce de Leche Speckled Egg looks like a contender!