This one is for YOU

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This week I have noticed more than ever a lot of people having a really tough time of things. This makes me sad…I want to reach out and fix everything for everyone, but I am only one person and I still have to work on fixing myself.

What I’d like to say is don’t give up hope. No matter how bad/sad/utterly shite things are right now…brighter days are ahead. I wish I could promise when, and how it’ll happen, but I can’t…just trust me that those days ARE coming.

I was once a person so consumed in negativity that I couldn’t imagine anything good happening to me at all,
and if it did…did I deserve it? I felt like I didn’t…catch 22 circle of more negative thoughts.
Last year I dared to hope. Sure it took a long hard fight, but you know what? Every barrier broken…every glimmer of things changing for the better made me fight that bit harder. I remember being SO happy when I came home on my first day leave and I was able to walk up and down our stairs,
to most people that would be insignificant, but to me it meant the world.
Focus on the small things…as Tesco would say, every little helps and you need to learn to walk before you can run.

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Some of you probably want to punch me right now, or think I’m just one big walking cliche,
but please…
do dare to hope and have dreams. The pay off is amazing. Once you start to believe things can and will get better, I think it becomes easier to make the steps needed.

Here are a few items on my Hit List and Shit List this week;

– Work
– My brother being home for the weekend and meeting his girlfriend (who is lovely, really lovely)
– SUNSHINE! These brighter days are making me act like a child
– Immature giggling fits, usually bought about by Sarah
– Amazing online friends, such as Char and Jodie who sent me this incredible parcel

– Interpol, they were bloody brilliant!
– Sparkly Jewellery (some seen yesterday and another awesome batch to be revealed this week!)

– Violent drunk guy at Interpol. This guy truly scared me. He was horrendously drunk and grabbed one girls hair, stomped on many feet and started several fights.
– Anxiety and Insecurity about how I look and needing constant reassurance (sorry tweety peeps you get the brunt of this)


(thank you for making me feel beautiful)

– Crappy support acts. The main talent was his arrogance and ego.
– Not having enough time to see everyone I was to see…Kez, Trudi and co…I MISS YOU

So there we have my jumbled up post for today.

What have you been up to this weekend?

How do you deal with the tough times?


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  1. I went through a really rough time last summer, with more things to do than was possible, but all of it had to be done so I could continue in building a future for myself. I just had to work like mad to get to where I’m now, and the only things keeping me from falling apart was hte guinea pigs and knowing it wouldn’t last forever. Things got so much better quite quickly.

  2. i don’t like to dwell too much on the rough stuff in my own life as i know so many people would kill for the kind of life i have. what i found is that if you help others to fix themselves you end up fixing yourself along the way too πŸ™‚

  3. Angela

    Great post Laura. I love all the wisdom you imparted and I love seeing how far you have come, even though I don’t know you ‘in real life’ it truly is amazing and you should be so, so proud!

    My weekend: I went to be beach! I love the sunshine on my side of the UK too. It makes me happy πŸ™‚

    When things get tough: I try to remember that I have the power to change things around, that I just need to keep putting one foot in front of the other and I will get through the dark times. I’ve realized recently that it also helps me to have really, really small goals (that might to other people seem insignificant). Small enough that to me they are not overwhelming but still help in putting one foot infront of the other. πŸ™‚

    Have a great sunday and thank you for such a lovely post. xo

  4. Oh Laura you’re such a sweetheart, and you’ve hit the nail right on the head with this one. It’s so wonderful to hear you talking about your experience positively, it’s so difficult to get to that level, to put things in perspective as it were, but here you are healthy, happy and helping lots of others.

    YOU GO GuRRL [waves pom poms]


  5. What an amazing post. You are such a talented writer, and your positiveness (is that a word??) is really uplifting. This weekend…I have been battling my dissertation and going to starbucks too much πŸ™‚

    Have confidence – you are beautiful. Not just outside either.

  6. GREAT post.

    I saw a friend recently and was filling her in on stuff with me and we started laughing hilariously: spelling out what my past few months – hey, the whole year – have been like, it just sounded like I went thru so much shit!

    But weirdly the events in Japan- and Egypt, and now, Libya – have pulled me out of my mood. What you’re saying here is really quite similar to what I’ve been banging on about recently. It’s OKAY to feel sad! Or angry. As long as we feel SOMETHING. I just posted recently that I’m the same person I was when I was your age, the difference in me now is I don’t try to be happy all the time. And I know that when I’m feeling down, it will pass, because it always does.

    Again: you are such an inspiration. Because you’re honest. And as ellieand put it better than me: “here you are healthy, happy and helping lots of others.”

    Big hug. I hope today turns your frown upside down (have you been following The Model Agency?? If you haven’t seen it yet: upload it ASAP: Channel 4, 3 episodes so far. I’d love to hear what you think).


  7. Mat

    jil’s words above are very strong, i agree with her. that fact that we are hear and reading this tells us how much of a good situation we are in, not to be in the middle of a disaster or war or famine.

    i went to the zoo this weekend

  8. Great post and so true. I feel good about myself this week, I’ve donated to Comic Relief and the Red Cross Japan appeal. I feel like I’ve helped out towards two worthy causes and hopefully some good will come of it. I often feel better about myself by helping others.

  9. Hey hun this has helped me out I am having a truly shit time at work my only motivation is that my job pays my mortage and gives me money to buy the things I want. Hopefully by taking this in an being more positive I will be able to laugh it all off.

    Great post and you are beautiful and inspirational xoxo

  10. You are gorgeous!

  11. This was so nice to read, you’re right there are a lot of people going through a lot of crap at the moment myself very much included. We just have to keep ploughing on don’t we? My kitties provide welcome distraction πŸ™‚

    You look so lovely in that pic, you should wear your hair like that more often!

    PS – there’s always some dickhead spoiling the gig for everyone else isn’t there? πŸ™

  12. lovely post πŸ™‚ xxx

  13. One of the most beautiful & truly inspiring posts i’ve read in a long time. To talk about your experience positively is amazing. You really are such an inspiration Laura! xxx

  14. What a good post Laura. It is all too easy to get drawn into negativity and hard to focus on the good things. I just want to hug anyone who is having a tough time too.

    Loving your hit list. Glad you had a good weekend meeting the brother’s gf and at the gig. Boo hiss to stoopid drunk men being idiots. You looked, as you always do, beautiful!


  15. You look lovely.

    Did the drunk guy get chucked out? Why did he pull a girls hair, did he pick fights with blokes?

    There are some awful people about xx

  16. thank you for your frank honesty, as sometimes this is how I feel bt of course you don’t want to lay it out there, as poeple might not understand, but here’s to being beautiful on the inside, and out. xx

  17. This is a lovely post, and you look beautiful in that photo.

    When I’m going through a difficult time what makes me feel better is making plans to get myself *out* of the rough patch. For me the worst part about negative thought and feelings is how helpless to change your situation they make you feel. Even if my plans aren’t going to make changes happen immediately, at least making plans to fix things makes me feel more in control of myself.

  18. you’re gorgeous hun – absolutely no reason to be insecure πŸ™‚
    loving these personal little posts!! x

  19. Ah man, you’re seriously gorgeous though! That photo is stunning, stop doubting yourself! In hindsight though, I can preach all I want, but it doesn’t stop me having days/weeks of feeling bleurgh..

  20. Thank you, this just reminded me that as a species we can be nice to each other.

    A lovely post, and a lovely reminder that good things do come to those who are patient enough to perservere and that we should be thankful for all the little things that make up the good.

    Not just beautiful on the outside, but a truly beautiful person you are.

  21. thank you, such a sweet post!! things are really pear-shaped personally but I’m trying to turn it around…..

  22. im going thru some pretty tough times right now at this moment and i went upon ur blog to read because ppl like u makes me admire u alot. u brought me to tears in this post very much laura :”(
    thx for sharing

  23. you are beautiful <3

  24. I love that skull ring πŸ™‚ I hate getting into a negative funk. It happens to everyone and it can be hard to not be blinded by it. As you say though, there’s always something good around the corner πŸ™‚

  25. Lovely post, as always! I think at the moment, it’s hard to let all the little things become major, particularly when there are some big things going on that just make the world seem a bit shitty… I have to admit that I’m incredibly lucky to have a wonderful other half who picks me up off the floor when I can’t find a way to get up myself, but equally, I think it’s the importance of an even bigger support network which is the key to keeping an element of sanity…
    Love Xxxc

  26. oh laura, this was really lovely. and i know you know how i’m feeling, because you’ve been so lovely with me about it! i’m just starting to actually tell people things now, which i never did before, and it helps. i’m just believing that god has a plan for my life, and i’m taking my vitamins. it’ll only get better πŸ™‚ xx

  27. Anonymous

    I always just think that these rough times will pass and the good times are on the way.

    I love your happy blog, and love reading about your amazing achievements.

  28. I enjoyed reading this post, I’m feeling very negative at the moment. I haven’t really found a way of dealing with it apart from to try and look forward to things – but much sure I can rely on myself to do things and not others because they let me down.

  29. In all honesty I am still not feeling happy with parts of my life, but it’s people like you that make me feel there is hope and one day I will get where I want to be xx

  30. Lil

    I’ve been having a rough time for the past few months or so and have been diagnosed with a whole selection of things. I found that the real moment of change for me was when I asked for help. A problem shared really was a problem halved for me. Since then I’ve been taking one day at a time, and some days are worse than others, obviously, but it helps me to think that tomorrow is another day. I haven’t lost my hope yet, or at least I didn’t lose it for long, so that’s a great comfort for me. Love this post. I think you’re right, and we all need to hear sometimes that brighter days are ahead, even if we can’t see them. So thank you πŸ™‚ xx

  31. i relay on my bf and brother when im going through a rough time.. and having hobbies i enjoy like my blog has helped me a lot.. great post hun.. you look beautiful in that photo! x

  32. ah that’s such a cute inpirational post, its so nice to read a more personal entry. Hope you don’t think i’m prying but you said day leave? Did you not live at home for a while?

    ps I’m following you on twitter now


  33. Wow, you look great in that pic! and that’s one enticing care package you got. Sorry about the drunk guy at the Interpol concert. I know what that’s like. I attended a gig once where a guy actually started urinating in the middle of the crowd (thankfully I was no in his line of fire)…

    Hope you had a lovely weekend!

  34. love the advice in the first bit,very much need the ‘things will be ok’ thoughts in my life right now xx

  35. Great positive post. Last night Susan (who’s been my best friend since the age of 5) and I went to see the stage show of Mamma Mia, such good fun. Very very uplifting. xx

  36. You look beautiful in the picture. I think your hair looks great long πŸ™‚
    I’m super negative at the moment, although I’m veryyyy good at covering it up. So I don’t have to bother anyone with it! πŸ™‚

    All that peanut butter stuff looks pretty awesome, wow.


  37. Bex

    Laura, this is such an honest & heartfelt post..and its wonderful to read that you’re focussing on the positives. Can’t wait to receive your letter xo

  38. I’ll have a more in-depth read then, I know it’s gorge isnt it? I’m dead pale though so dunno if yellow will be good?

  39. Lovely wonderful post from a beautiful, sensitive & thoughtful blogger!
    Love having you on my bloglist/twitter and this is one of my favourite blogposts ever xxx

  40. What a lovely post! I completely agree. And you look so gorgeous with that lipstick on laura.

  41. Fab post!! You are showing so much strength & confidence nowadays even compared to a few months ago- keep it up Twinkle!!!
    I’m laid low with a chest infection just now, after a month that’s included 2 family deaths, a friend having a complete meltdown, agonising physio for my leg & upteen social obligations that couldn’t be missed! I’m trying to see the chest infection as a positive because it’s forced me to lock the door, unplug the phone & stay in jammies this weekend!!!
    Kirsten x
    @ Kemcaflipflops

  42. Beautiful words from a beautiful girl.
    Kandi x

  43. well i think this is a really uplifting post, has helped me a little bit tonight just to remember to have hope and there is always nice beautiful people out in the world πŸ™‚
    you look so pretty in this picture (i really adore the liptstick!)

  44. This is a great post, you’re such an inspiration. I can’t even imagine what this past year has been like for you but it’s so amazing to see you come out the other side with such a positive attitude!

  45. you are so brilliant πŸ™‚ This is so inspiring to me πŸ™‚

    I love your positivity!