time for tea

A real perk of my job is that I work mainly morning shifts, which means theoretically I could turn every afternoon in to an excuse to host afternoon tea. Is there anything more luxurious than curling up with a pretty tea pot, your favourite brew and a good book? I think not!

Lately the fabulous range of tea gifts from Twinings have caught my eye…with something for all occassions; the literary geek, the beautiful Rob Ryan collaboration and the extensive selections of tea you’ll be sure to find something for everyone (including yourself, it’s your party!)

What I fancy is a steaming cup of Jasmine Green Tea, my kindle and a bit of peace and quiet…but a tea party could be a social affair too,

who would your dream guests be?

*post sponsored by Twinings*

4 comments for “time for tea

  1. The tea pot is so cute!

  2. Just had a peek on their site, some of their stuff would be perfect gifts for my mama! So cute and pretty and quaint, love it xxx

  3. Hmm, Twinings – my favourite…

    Ah, since I know he loves his cuppa, my dream guest for tea would be Benedict Cumberbatch, to chat about the arts and music. 🙂

  4. Nice!!
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