This week’s outfit choices have been dismal to say the least; mainly my phlebotomy uniform followed by jeans and a tee,
the weather has been typically un-inspiring and a lot of my clothes are now reserved for holiday packing (ONE MORE SLEEP!)

New Look blouse, Topshop trousers and New Look flats.

Have I mentioned yet how holiday excited I am? Pity my patients at work today who will have a hyperactive five year old who has overdone the haribo to deal with *squee*

I shall use the holiday to take a blogging break I think…with normal service to resume once back (weather permitting, of course!)


25 comments for “slacker

  1. Have a fab time on holiday, you’re excitement is quite infectious – I’m sure your patients won’t mind catching a bit of that!
    I love it when cats decide to get in on the photo action, so cute x

  2. Have a great holiday Laura.

    Look forward to hearing all about it on your return.

    X x

  3. Anonymous

    have you gained weight? xxx

  4. Yes anonymous, I have gained a whopping 2lbs in the last 6 weeks…really makes a difference huh?

    onwards and upwards.

  5. cat

    Anon, the ‘xxx’ at the end really is the icing on the cake of your nastiness… Get a life and leave Laura alone please.

  6. have a fantastic holiday Laura, come back all refreshed 🙂

  7. Vix

    Have the most fantastic time! xxx

  8. Nice blouse! I love the picture with your cat, it looks like your dancing with each other 🙂 Hope you have a great holiday 🙂 xx

  9. Hannah

    The only thing you have to gain Laura is weight, you already possess style, dignity, kindness and a million other wonderful traits. CERTAIN people will always be pathetic losers who can only ever dream of being a fraction of the person you are. Xxx

  10. love that blouse 🙂
    have a fab time on holiday 😀 I’m going to venice on sunday for a week and I’m so blimim excited hehe!
    Love Holz oxo

  11. Love those trousers, I think that cut can look so sexy on a woman! Hope you have a fab holiday!

  12. This outfit looks so comfy! Enjoy your holiday.

  13. Have a great holiday! Love this outfit


  14. Have a great holiday! Love this outfit


  15. Love this outfit on you, have an amazing time on holiday!

    Maria xxx

  16. Anonymous

    Ahhhh I loveeeee this outfit, you’re gorgeous!

    xo KLW

  17. Hannah & cat said it all. Anon is a twat 🙂
    I love how your slacker outfits are like, ten times more well put together than my decent outfits :P. Effortless style. Seriously.<3

  18. Anonymous

    So what if lauras gaining weight its not like she doesnt need to after all!!

  19. Kim

    Love your outfit, those trousers are lovely. Have a great holiday xx

  20. Lovely outfit! Really like that top! I hope you have an awesome holiday xxx

  21. I love your pants. They drape so nicely on you!

  22. Anonymous

    You don’t look like you’ve gained weight. You look like you desperately need to, though. 🙁


    (PS. You’re still gorgeous, just have potential to be even more so)

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  24. This is a very pretty outfit. I want to wear trousers more and this post has given me the motivation!

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