under + over

(ignore the tired face/total lack of makeup)

Operation cords ended up back where it started when I spied a new arrival in my local New Look. Somehow I always end up back there for my basic needs, £22.99 and in a variety of colours…I sense a repeat purchase. Teamed with a basic Peacocks tee and Matalan cardigan for a cold annd drizzly day off. I quite like this trousers lark.

Happy Tuesday


29 comments for “under + over

  1. Love this outfit! Are the shoes New Look, too? They look like the ones I’ve been lusting over <3

  2. This is such a lovely outfit- I need some trousers in that colour! And love the cosy jumper. Also, cats always make an outfit post better. xx

  3. A very comfy, laidback look. 🙂 Perfect for chilly fall days.

    XoXo, Bree
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  4. The green looks fab with the red!

  5. Love love love the colour of your trousers!
    Your cat is so cute 🙂


  6. Those colours are really lovely on you, plus <3 that cat!

  7. Love the trousers 🙂

  8. You dyed your hair! Love it!

  9. i’m in love with your new cords! such a lovely colour. you look great. xxx

  10. oh wow, i love those! I’ve always loved cords but I can never find ones I like, I think I need to go to New Look.

  11. That Matalan cardi looks so cosy. Perfect for this weather. Love the red trousers with it too.

  12. Just bought a pair of these chords this morning!

    Love the outfit. 🙂

    Emma xxx


  13. oh I love them, im so into that colour at the moment! i saw a skirt recently thats the same, remind me so much of being a teenager, because i wore chords all the time haha. kind of glad they are coming back into fashion. xo

  14. Loving the color combo in the outfit, and that SWEATER!!! Its just perfect.

  15. Lovely cords! I do love a pair of cords, especially in red! I had some when I was younger and was trying to find a pair on La redoute on sunday but I should get me to New Look!

  16. You look gorgeous, this is the perfect outfit to wear in this weather!

    Maria xxx

  17. Those cords are such a gorgeous colour! I bought some deep blue cords the other day, a great alternative to jeans to keep warm in winter! x

  18. They look a lovely colour, one that should see you through the winter season.

    X x

  19. Love the colours of those cords!

  20. I love how the cat is just sat there watching you! This totally made me smile. I am in love with the colour of your trousers! Real beauty colour xx

  21. J.

    That cardigan is adorable!!

  22. Love those cords, really gorgeous colour. Love the cardi too, looks so snuggly x

  23. I love coloured trousers! I would really like some yellow ones, but these wine coloured ones are also fab.

  24. The cords look amazing on you love the colour and that cardi is stunning loving this outfit xoxo

  25. Love those trousers, the red looks fab on you x

  26. I love the shape of that cardigan, it looks very snug. The cords are fab xxx