Valentines by Pandora: New in on Swag

I’m one of those people who never used to “get” Pandora bracelets, and  then all of a sudden I found myself wanting one.
Fast forward almost two years and I own two of them- a pink leather one with charms that are very close to my heart as well as a classic silver one with some cute and quirky characters on it.
I managed to convince myself I didn’t need anything from the Christmas collection as it was too seasonal, but now the Valentines one has just launched on Swag I honestly don’t know if I can resist- hearts never go out of season!
There are 24 pieces in the collection and above are my favourites. I would happily adorn my wrists with all of these charms, my favourite being the one at the bottom with it’s multitude of pink crystal hearts.
I’m also really coveting this super delicate ring, it’s quite a bargain at £35 and I may just pop it on to my birthday list (which isn’t till April but hey!)
Are you a Pandora fan? What do you think of their Valentines Day Collection?

4 comments for “Valentines by Pandora: New in on Swag

  1. My favourite out of the ones you’ve chosen is the last one – it’s so pretty! I don’t own a Pandora bracelet, but I’ve found myself lusting after one of the pink leather ones too 🙂 xxx

  2. I am also one of those people who came a bit late to the whole Pandora thing but I really love there stuff and how you can customise things and this Valentines collection is lovely 🙂

    Laura x