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I’m no chocolate purist; I’ll happily eat 90% dark chocolate chased down with the cheapest supermarket milk chocolate you can find; if it’s called chocolate and I have a craving…I’m there!

Milka, however has a special place in my heart (I hear chooclate snobs world over rolling their eyes). Up until a few years ago you couldn’t get in the UK and our only taste was if a school friend was kind enough to bring some back from a family holiday…and the year I went to Austria aged 17…well.

I was delighted when I was signed up to the Cybercandy blogger family and given free reign to chose a product to review; they stock all kinds of goods from the world over but I opted for the classic combination of Milka with Daim both something I enjoy alone, so togther they had to be pretty good!

Ohhh it WAS good! The smooth gentle sweetness and flavour of the Milka that so many love constrasted perfectly with the crunchy almost burnt texture of the Daim to bring chocolate eating harmony. The downside to this bar is that it’s addictive….one square is NOT enough (nothing short of the full bar is enough really). Thank goodness Cybercandy are well stocked.

What are your chocolate preferences? With so many varities which is YOUR favourite Milka? We saw some pretty tasty looking ones in Holland!


P.S. stay tuned for more Cybercandy related goodness later!

12 comments for “we are (Cybercandy Blogger) family

  1. I think Milka chocolate definitely tastes the best. It has such a nice milky taste that you cannot beat 🙂

  2. Ooh I love Daim Milka! I got a bit addicted to it in Norway so I was a very happy bunny when they started selling it here xx

  3. I’ve seen these in the shops! Might have to try it out now. Looks so so good:D


  4. I gotta agree.. Milka X Daim is the bomb. But I will also eat cheapo choccy. Have you ever tried Sainsbury’s Basics milk chocolate? SO GOOD!

  5. I’m no chocolate snob, but I don’t usually rate Milka- this was a different story though. Discovered when I sent T to the supermarket alone when on hols in Lanzarote (we needed water and fruit juice) we ate a good deal more of this on our trip thereafter than is good for any girls bikini. SO YUMMY!

  6. This must be the best blogger family there is – especially when there’s Milka Daim on offer. I love that one although I also think the original one is pretty perfect!

    Beth 🙂

  7. Milks Daim is my favourite ever! It has managed to get me through a lot of painful exams munching it by the bar. No other milk chocolate beats it! Xo

  8. My favourite Milka is definitely the Daim!!! If you enjoy Daim, have you had a Daim Shakeaway? If not, you need tooo!!!

    I love cybercandy! You are a very lucky girl 🙂



  9. I love Milka more so than Cadbury or Galaxy, the Daim one sounds so good xxx

  10. I love the Milka Dime bar! They do them in my local Wilkinson’s so they’re a regular naughty treat for me!
    One of my fave chocolate bars is the Bourneville Jamaican rum and raison, it is to die for! xx

  11. That sounds delicious, I love Dime bars, haven’t tried Milka for a long time, but like you, if it’s chocolate I’ll like it. I’m excited that they’ve brought out chocolate covered pretzels again. I used to love them sooo much. xx

  12. Oh my gosh I love Milka and that looks divine! I need some of this x