Dear Deer

Dress: Lavish Alice, Lace Top: C&A in Holland, Tights: Tightsplease, Boots: Sarenza (the only pair of shoes bar flats I can currently wear).

Despite HAVING to own this dress I’ve barely worn it…I’m not sure why as I truly love it but I ignored it all summer and only started to crave it’s cutesy print when colder weather hit. I picked up this lace top whilst shopping in Holland, it cost all of 12 euros and is perfect under a dress like this for bringing it in to Autumn. I had little choice but to team it with these boots, as aside from ballet flats or slippers I can’t yet get my foot in to anything else (even converse or TOMS!)

I’m off to London this afternoon to attend the Laura Ashley blog birthday party. I was hoping to wear some killer boots, I own so many pairs but it appears my stupid foot had other ideas! I’m really looking forward to the event, it’s so rare I get to attend anything due to living so far away from the big city- this time work and trains were on my side and Laura Ashley were kind enough to invite my Mum, too so I have a travel buddy.


19 comments for “Dear Deer

  1. Ooh it reminds me of Babycham (in the best possible way!) x

  2. Oh yes, babycham, it does a bit. Really pretty dress, it works really well with a top underneath. Have fun at the Laura Ashley party. I love a visit to London, I should get myself there again soon!

  3. such a cute print on the dress. Hope you both have a lovely time out x

  4. Love this dress, the heart cut-out is so cute! Have fun at Laura Ashley 🙂 x

  5. The back of that dress is gorgeous! Have a great time in London.

  6. I love that cutesy deer print and I like the layering too, have a fab time at Laura Ashley xxx

  7. Oh that dress is so cute, I love it with the top underneath as well x x

  8. The print on the dress is major cute, and the layering over the lace top looks lovely! Ooooh have a lovely time at the Laura Ashley Blog Birthday Party, can’t wait to hear all about it! xx

  9. such a cute print, what a lovely dress! Hope you have fun at the Laura Ashley event 🙂 x

  10. Love that print! Hope your foot is better soon xx

  11. You look cute!

    Have fun at Laura Ashley’s party and enjoy an afternoon in LDN! xx

  12. Love this dress on you and glad you managed to find a nice lace top!

    Maria xxx

  13. How that dress would be perfect for Xmas!

  14. So pretty, love the heart cut-out- it’s very Luella!

    Nat xxx

  15. Oooh looking lovely Laura, I love the lace top too!

    Jesss xo

  16. This dress is heaven <3

  17. That is such a cute dress, I hope you get lots of wear out of it now. It does remind me of the Babycham deer which I loved when I was little. Hope you and your mum enjoy the Laura Ashley party! xx

  18. sorry I am catching up with the blogs and I totally love your dress. xx