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I posted about my friend Hazel’s wedding to James last week and now I’m sharing with you what I wore. I bought the dress a good couple of months before the day as the second I saw it I knew it was what I wanted for the occasion and thankfully nothing else I saw made me regret buying it- I’ve done that before in the past, and of course by the time I realised it was too late to return anything!
My dress was from Foxbride and was quite an extravagant purchase for me! It was worth every penny though as it is excellent quality and the shape and length is really flattering. It’s the kind of dress that can be worn over and over with different accessories so I’ll make sure I get my money’s worth, there was just something about it that screamed “wedding” and it kept me cool in the super hot sun too.
Shoe wise I went for my gold sparkly Georgia Rose sandals from Sarenza. It’s a long time since I spent a day in heels so I wanted something that would be comfortable, which instantly ruled stilettos out. I had some flats stashed in the boot of my friend’s car but I didn’t need them as apart from being removed for a quick barn dance these stayed on all day without making me want to cry!
I’m not very good with accessories but knew I wanted pink and gold to go with the dress and shoes. I kept costs low here by picking up a gold daisy hairband in Primark as well as some pale pink and gold tassel earrings- I think they were Β£5 in total. I also found a ring in my jewellery box that matched the earrings perfectly and my clutch bag was from New Look and had already been used for the hen night.
I got a lot of compliments on this dress and I felt really good in it, which is a must for me if I’m in a social situation as I suffer from anxiety and not being comfortable in what I am wearing/what I look like makes it much worse. I kept hair and makeup simple as it was so hot and I didn’t want to spend all day fussing. Instead I spent most of the day after the ceremony tipsy, which Ben hadn’t witnessed before…poor Ben, our first wedding together and I get drunk and annoy the heck out of him!
What have you been wearing to weddings this summer? Do you have any stand by pieces?

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  1. Stunning dress, you look gorgeous Laura! I would wear it for a wedding too, or a blue/green colour wave all the more <3

  2. That is an absolutely beautiful dress! Really suits you πŸ™‚ luckily I was bridesmaid at the only wedding I’ve been to this year, so didn’t have to worry about finding a dress! x

  3. This is a stunning dress and a perfect choice for a wedding. Love this so much.

  4. This dress is so gorgeous, it’s the most lovely shape on you Laura. Definitely the sort of thing I would wear for a wedding πŸ™‚

    Gems x

  5. What a gorgeous dress! Love the colours. xxx

  6. Firstly, you look absolutely stunning! This suits you so much, I like the length, colour and all the bits you put it with!

    Re weddings, I rarely, if ever, buy something specifically for a wedding, I am a terrible buyer of pretty wedding-style dresses in the sales or at random times dp I just pick one of those. For instance, we have 3 weddings coming up and I’ve already planned to wear Joy Louche spotty dress, Poppy England and cobalt blue MIDI dress respectively for these x

  7. By the way, you should wear more headbands, really go.nicely with your curls x

  8. Oh wow! You look incredibly adorable! I love your hair and the flowercrown!

  9. Gorgeous dress Laura x

  10. I’m loving this dress, the fit is perfect and the colours are just stunning. A great investment dress Laura.

    X x

    PS my watch arrived today, thank you its perfect. Just what I need now I am back at work.

    X x

  11. This is lovely, and perfect for a wedding. I have a wedding coming up in September and I found a fab French Connection dress on eBay – a total bargain!
    I shuddered a little as I read the first line of this post, my name is Hazel (obviously) and I have an ex called James 😐

  12. Such a beautiful look Laura! Don’t think you could find a more perfect dress than this for a wedding, so pretty and impactful and looks gorgeous with your red hair! <3

    Glad you enjoyed yourself, certainly nothing wrong with getting a bit tipsy… weddings are game on for that aren't they πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€ You and Ben make the sweetest couple too! xo

    Sophie | soinspo

  13. Eeep, this dress is amazing! Definitely money well spent.

  14. Amazing dress!!! I included this in my wedding article in the June The Bay Magazine! It was my fav pick too! nice one, you look lush!
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