Weekend Loves

Still loving my desert boots.


And dinky bottles of pepsi max


Topshop makeup (the blusher <3) Photobucket

Currently you get a free gift when you purchase 3 items, I bought the blusher and cream eyeshadow, plus another eyeshadow for Mum. I can’t believe I’ve only just jumped on to the topshop makeup train!


More amazing makeup, from the ever gorgeous Klee

ANNNDDD super amazing omgIloveit ring from Lou Makes!




True to her shop name, Lou Makes really gorgeous jewellery. This ring was top of my wish list and she kindly sent me one! Lou has also kindly offered a 10% discount to my blog readers…just enter the code DREAM10 when you purchase! (valid until June 15th)

I’m drip feeding you my Bath purchases. Cath Kidston blackberry case and Dream ring were two of them (as well as the topshop makeup)


29 comments for “Weekend Loves

  1. gorgeous boots, and bath is such a pretty city. xxx

  2. Oooh can I jump on the topshop makeup train too? I’m yet to try! x

  3. i haven’t tried the topshop makeup yet, i love that ring! 🙂

  4. The Topshop make up looks very tempting! Can you get the free gift in store as well as online do you know?
    I also love the ring!

  5. Wow, that dream ring is beautiful, where is it from exactly?

  6. I am also still loving your desert boots. Looks like you got some lovely bits in Bath, it’s such a pretty city

  7. I love the boots too!! can I have one?;)

    Claire M.

  8. The dream ring is beautiful, looking forward to seeing the rest of your haul 🙂 x

  9. Gorgeous rings! I haven’t yet tried topshop makeup… oops!

  10. Ive not tried Topshop make up either but have heard such good things about it. I want to try some of the nail varnishes!

  11. What a darling outfit, i like it! + that ring and bradcelet are so cute! xx

  12. love the boots! 🙂 x

  13. I just love how feminine your boots are!!


  14. Your posts always cheer me up Laura. That ring’s really pretty, I love the colour, and yay for a Bath mention too. Maybe when I transfer there I could even meet up with you one day?! And I’ve never tried Topshop’s make-up before, but your ones look lovely, so I’ll have to give them a go when I get some money next. xxx

  15. Your shoes are so cool! Seriously love them! Very sweet springy outfit! xxxx

  16. how adorable are your shoes?? too adorable for words!

    and i want that cath kidston case and dream ring as well!


  17. Hazel@Sarenza

    The boots are going with so many outfits! Looks like you had a great shopping trip in Bath!

  18. Such lovely boots! Cutie!

  19. Your skirt is seriously amazing, and those shoes will always look great.

    And that ring is so wonderful.

  20. wahhhhh in love with your boots and ring! amazing. glad you liked the sleek stuff my love xx

  21. the pink ring is soo lovely!!

  22. I love the boots too! Keep showing them!
    I really like your Cath Kidston case-I saw it in the photo yesterday and wondered what you’d been buying from Cath- you can spot her a mile off!
    Ring is very tasteful and cute!

  23. The ring looks lovely. x

  24. pretty outfit <3
    the boots are insanely cute!

    you got some amazing things!
    that blush is such a great color

    and the ring!
    SO gorgeous!

  25. I want to borrow your clothes. Though they might be too small haha. I wear smalls and size 1/3 pants. You are probably xs and double 0’s!

  26. Ahhhh, floral desert boots… the stuff of dreams <3!


  27. I love the package of Topshop’s makeup, fab 🙂

  28. Good day. I like your blog post. It all looks fantastic