Simply Beach

The last time I bought swimwear I was 17 and it was a bog standard, funny shade of purple tankini from BHS.

It had never really occured to me that finding the right swimwear might actually make me feel better about wearing it in public places (er, that’d be my back garden if we ever get the weather for sun bathing) until Simply Beach contacted me asking if I’d like to take a look at their range of Bikinis
When I’ve looked in shops before I’ve been put off by the fact everything seemed to come in sets, and separates were somewhat lacking in style. I am not well gifted in the bosom department finding a top to fit is something of a nightmare, being able to shop by bra size made the experience much easier!

I went for this little number


which has the added bonus of being convert able AND padded, making me look much better endowed than I actually am. There are also a wide range of bottom styles on the site; I prefer something that sits a little higher on the waist, and isn’t shorts or tie side.

What I’m trying to say is that this site has something for everyone and a huge range of beach clothing and accessories too; with brands such as Sea Folly and Speedo. The service was fantastic, with easy checkout and fast but cheap delivery- I placed my order on Thursday evening and had it by Saturday morning for the grand sum of £1.99!

So if you are heading on holiday, getting in to swimming, or like me just like to laze in the garden I’d head off to Simply Beach now.

…now if only someone would send me a holiday.

What does your dream bikini look like?


Thank you to Simply Beach for the Bikini. Although I was sent the product in exhange for this post it in no way impacts my view.

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  1. Oooh pretty :] I bought a lovely one last year from Debenhams in Cyprus, which is incidentally my favourite ever. Navy and white stripes 😀 xx

  2. I feel a spending spree coming on. HEading on hols in a months time, but finding a bikini can be a nightmare for me because I’m a 14/16 top but a 10 bottom. Liking the look of your purchase, and am off to search their seperates!

  3. I love the colour and style of the pink trim and the pattern on the suit. It’s really pretty. I’m having trouble imagining myself in a bathing suit right now. I guess it would depend on where I was planning to wear it. There are such a wide variety of very private to very public places and everything in between.

  4. this is cute!!

  5. Amy

    That’s lovely! Such pretty colours!

    I’d love a retro style high waisted bikini type affair I think. I have the same problem with the tops though, but for the opposite reason!


  6. I hate it when Bikini’s go green from swimming pools, sweat and suncream so try to opt for dark ones like this. I just bought a frilled top dark plum one from topshop that makes me look more flat chested than my 7 year old neighbour, oh well!

  7. supercute bikini. I’ve never bikiniied in the garden before, I may try it this year!

  8. I am determined through my health blog to be able to fit into my ideal bikini this year! I figured by creating a blog it would force me to adhere by my new health regime. Good luck staying healthy and that bikini is so cute!

  9. Ooh this looks amazing, i love the colours and designs its very 50’s inspired too, which i love!

  10. I’ve never owned a bikini but then I don’t really go on holidays! I wouldn’t even know where to start..

    Bhav x

  11. Ohhh i’m glad you liked the site too, its found the shop by bra size really handy x

  12. I’ll go on holiday with you! I’m checking out that site–I’m in desperate need of a suit!

  13. Oooh i love the pattern on this! I have to go for really specific styles for my body shape, otherwise I can look a little Avatar-ish. Basically anything that shortens me and gives me curves is a plus… DAMN YOU weird undress-able bodyshape. Gah.

  14. It’s lovely! Really great choice! I also have issues with bikinis, particularly as I like shorts bottoms, not knickery types! I would love a low legged halterneck 50’s style one. I have had 3 bikinis which I have loved over the years- number one was a black one with daisies on it from Riverisland- it was really flattering but the bottoms were a little too skimpy for me, my friend Fran later bought the swimming costume version of it which fitted my ideal specification! The second was white with navy flowers on it which had a sort of gypsy style draw string tie at the middle which was sooo lovely, I almost cried when I got it out the airing cupboard 2 years ago and it had gone all weird! The third is a black one with polka dots tankini I got from Sainsburys Tu range last year- soooo cute!
    Patterns are a must- flowers, polka dots or stripes!

  15. That’s adorable, I love the frills! Hopefully you’ll get your holiday, too. 🙂

  16. Beautiful! Great choice:)

  17. This is gorgeous! 🙂

  18. So cute! xx

    I’m getting a phishing site warning from my anti-virus browser when I visit your site. I trust you completely but it might be worth checking that a bit of bad code hasn’t been injected by hacker bots–it’s happened to me before. Just heads up!

  19. oooh love that bikini its so cute x

  20. this bikini is adorable !!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Its cute… I like :O)
    I may have to pay them a visit, I need to buy different sizes top and bottom.
    My dream bikini would make me look like a bond girl… now that is a dream!

  22. I adore your bikini.

  23. Ooh I looked at this one a few times too, its really nice!! 😀 xx

  24. good to hear you found something that works for you- I rather wear one sizes 🙂