When Jeans met Dress

It’s a long time since I last wore jeans and a dress together. The combination reminds me a bit of when trouser skirts were a thing (hello year 9 school uniform) anything similar since. I was browsing on the Monki website the other day- as I frequently do and happened across my last Christmas money purchase styled over a pair of skinny jeans and loved how it looked so I decided to throw caution to the wind and give it a go myself.

Dress: Monki (some sizes still in stock) | Jeans: New Look ((this style)) | Boots: Sarenza | Necklace: Hello Harriet

It’s not often I remember to take a photo of my jewellery, or actually remember to put any on for that matter but this necklace from Hello Harriet is totally worth sharing. I featured Harriet’s shop on the blog in the run up to Christmas and santa must have been reading because on Christmas day I found this necklace hiding in my stocking. It pretty much sums up how I feel about certain things right now but mostly I just love jewellery/clothing/anything with a touch of sarcasm and attitude. I so badly want to get Mae a matching collar tag, but her track record at keeping hold of a collar and it’s tags is poor to say the least and I can’t bear the idea of getting her one of these only for it to turn up squished out of all recognition in a nearby road like the last one did!

Oh, and this dress was a complete bargain by the way- £8! The Monki sale remains my favourite as I picked up so much for so little. New season stock is arriving fast and my wish list is at least as tall as I am…I just loved their oversized pieces and minimal aesthetic. I think it’s probably the one shop that completely sums up my current style and as soon as I’m back at work I’m planning a “well done” spree for getting to my goal.

Which shops sum up your style right now? Did anyone else fall victim to the trouser skirt? (Or am I completely showing my age here?!)


7 comments for “When Jeans met Dress

  1. I can remember this look when I was a teenager but as I was a skirts/dresses only girl back then I was never allowed to experiment with it.

    I have never been keen on jeans but my daughter and best friend keep trying to persuade me to buy a pair so this combination might be a way forward.

  2. Nooo, don’t remind me of the trouser skirts! I’d just developed what felt like gigantic hips but nothing else, so I looked suitably ridiculous wearing them!

    This outfit is gorgeous tho and that necklace is perfection xx

  3. I love the pattern on this dress, Monki is definitely the brand for you!

    Maria xxx

  4. Looking like the blissful dream that you are lovely Laura! This pretty pattern is oh so perfect on you <3

    At the moment I'm loving Motel Rocks, so much glitter and sparkle :D

    Sophie | soinspo xo

  5. I think this looks great on you Laura, especially with the pattern and length of the dress, it goes together perfectly. Lovely! Hope you’re doing well lovely. – Tasha

  6. I had a trouser skirt!!! It was charcoal grey and came from Primark (before the rest of the world had heard of it! To me it was just a shop that was v cheap in Romford!) I do like wearing a skirt or dress over trousers! Sometimes I cannot be bothered with tights!

  7. I love the necklace! I would just point at it all the time when people talk to me. Hope you’re doing well Laura! x