wild about wild doll


I’m sorry guys, I know you hate how much I make you window/actually shop with my latest discoveries, but I have yet another one to shout about!

Wild Doll boutique offers quirky clothes, statement shoes and an array of accessories at super affordable prices with worldwide shipping! After only a brief browse, all of the above items are what has already made it’s way on to my wishlist…the best part?! Nothing featured here costs over $30 (in fact, not much on the site does!)

If you don’t believe me, take a look for yourself; and report back on what you fancy!


P.S. Last 24 hours for the Handbag giveaway!

7 comments for “wild about wild doll

  1. I love this website!

  2. I love that pink necklace! xxx

  3. So gorgeous! Love your picks! I esp love your print shoes!


  4. The sheer pleated overlay of the skirt portion of the blue Wild Doll Guy Magnet dress (second to last image) is very pretty. I just checked it out on their site. I like it a lot and see it also comes in tangerine.

  5. I love those colourful ballet pumps! xx

  6. Wow, what ridiculously bargainous prices! I love the zig zag pumps, I feel as if I would wear them ALL the time

  7. The necklaces are gorgeous! Really good prices too 🙂