with my blue shoes on

Next jumper, Matalan skirt, Superdrug tights, Clarks shoes from a super awesome friend.

Clarks isn’t the first place I’d look when searching for shoes, but one evening I was randomly browsing and came across this pair. Tempted to order them next month from Sarenza, I checked with a friend who works in a Clarks shop if they were as nice in real life as they looked online. Well, I guess they figured there was only one way to find out, as a few days later a parcel had arrived for me.

Have I ever mentioned how awesome my friends are?

What’s the sweetest thing a friend has ever done for you?


29 comments for “with my blue shoes on

  1. Love the shoes! They are so adorable on you!

  2. Lovely outfit! Yesterday I spent the day in college doing coursework and my best friend went a bought me sweets and biscuits from a nearby shop, how cute?

  3. That is so nice of your friend 🙂
    I’d never think to go to Clarks for shoes but I may have to check it from now on because I love those x

  4. Gorgeous shoes (and cat/owl cushion!) I have to admit I quite like Clarks. I used to buy my school shoes there, and sometimes still do. They’re my go to smart shoe brand. But the ones you have look pretty funky too. They’ve branched out recently, what with the Mary collab and all xx

  5. How sweet of her :)! Lovely shoes by the way. Hope you’re good Laura, enjoy your weekend!

  6. ooh lovely shoes, how kind of your friend x

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  11. Love those shoes, they will be perfect for spring and you really do have the most wonderful friends xxx

  12. The second photo is lovely and I think these shoes are very pretty. Clarks have some really fab shoes in at the moment.

  13. Kat

    Love these shoes! I must admit, I never look in Clarks when shoe shopping, will have to pay them a visit next time!


  14. I love your skirt, such a pretty print 🙂

  15. The shoes are lovely! Thats so sweet of your friend xx
    Ella @ Belle Vintage

  16. What a lovely gift and such a kind friend. My friend once turned up with a Opium perfume gift set for me as I’d been having rough time at work, she knows me so well.

    X x

  17. Tor

    Those shoes are gorgeous! I love how you paired them with that skirt, they really make the print pop.

    The other day one of my friends got me a massive pack of cocoa-dusted almonds after I was obsessed for a week (I didn’t know where to get more, so I kept snuffling around the box like a sad puppy). They are the BEST food ever!

  18. What a lovely friend, they are fab shoes x

  19. Oh my gosh, adorable shoes! Lucky you 😀

  20. Great pictures!! I love it!!

  21. Awww, that was so sweet of your friend. They’re gorgeous shoes. x

  22. Such a lovely outfit.

  23. They sound such a great friend! Gorgeous shoes too, they look really comfy x

  24. That’s such a lovely thing to do 🙂 How kind and the shoes are lovely. As always, love your outfit too 🙂

  25. That’s so sweet! They’re delightful!!!! (oh and ‘chickpea purchase?’ What’s that about?!)

  26. Ooooh pretty shoes (more pretty shoes). I really like to have a browse on the Clarks site, they often have some great looking sturdier shoes and they’ve seriously upped their game in the fashion stakes.

    Sweetest thing a friend has done for me… I think probably my friend Dev when he lifted me clean off the ground and swung me right around when we got our degree results, because he was so pleased I’d actually made it.

  27. Leo

    They look amazing on you, darling: they make justice to your gorgeous self!


    Mr C