wrapped up in tartan

Primark Jumper
Vintage kilt via ebay
Bertie shoes c/o Sarenza
This week became a real battle of warmth versus style. Instinct says wear floral dresses, pastels and all things Spring,
common sense says find your warmest clothes and damn what they look like. This kilt is the perfect compromise, the heavy wool fabric provides warmth whilst still making a bit of a statement. I can’t remember how much I paid for it but it wasn’t a lot. The same goes for this jumper, I bought a few of them for about a fiver in Primark last year and they’ve worn and washed so well and become a bit of a staple.
We’re finally at that long weekend, hurrah! Yesterday was so, so busy but it was nice to down tools and leave for home knowing I’d made a difference AND earnt a break. This morning is going to involve nothing more taxing than dying my hair- it hasn’t been done since before Christmas, oops! 
What are you up to today? And what are your cold weather beating staples?

P.S. you may have noticed a new addition to my sidebar…I’m super excited to announce I’ve been shortlisted for the Bath in Fashion blog awards and would be so grateful if you could/would take the time to vote,
the link to do so is on the side by clicking the image or by clicking here!

24 comments for “wrapped up in tartan

  1. Absolutely loving the kilt!

  2. This skirt is lovely.

  3. I love these vintage kilts and your amazing shoes! The weather is calling for kilts. I got a short tartan skirt for pennies in paris but have to adjust it still!

  4. Louise W

    Happy Easter and congratulations on the awards shortlist! (have voted for you)

  5. Looks amazing! And thank god you get to wear something under it, right? This is not the spring I was hoping for either. Brrr!


  6. Oh wow, this skirt is lovely.

  7. I love Tartan. It’s such a great look. The skirt really suits you.

  8. I just ADORE this look! I’ve only just discovered your blog and I love your style – particularly your collection of shoes! I’d love for us to follow each other:) xx

  9. I’ve given up all thoughts of pastel, floral, light-fabric loveliness and simply surrendered to the ongoing onslaught of winter with plenty of wool in layer upon layer. I did exactly the same as you yesterday and brought out one of my vintage kilts. (I say one ‘one of’ because I have a bit of an obsession). It was the turn of the full length, down to the ankles kilt from a jumble sale. THAT put paid to the chill East winds around my knees. Love this red kilt on you. Such a classic look.

  10. I shouldn’t admit to this but warmth wins over style every time! It’s too flipping cold to do anything else – where is the sun?
    Love this skirt and the shoes – hello!
    This weekend is going to be a quiet one, I’m catching up on work stuff and doing a spot of housework and eating enormous amounts of chocolate 🙂
    Of course I’ll vote for you, consider it done x

  11. Vix

    I’m toying with the idea of wearing a Hawaiian maxi dress tomorrow but the snow currently falling past the window is putting me off! Love that skirt and the shoes! x

  12. You have such long slim legs. I am not a fan of tartan but you look great x

  13. This kilt looks AMAZING on you and I love those shoes!

    Maria xxx

  14. Urgh I hear ya about the battle, this weather is driving my style bananas! Just had an idea from this post though.. wanna wear my midi kilt with a crop top and fur jacket.

    PS. Voted for you for BIF!

  15. You can pull off anything and make it look great! Love your style.
    Becca xx

  16. your blog is nice)loves it)

    would you like to follow each other?)

    xoxo Christy

  17. Tartan is fabulous all year round! Especially in the crappy British weather :/ xxx

  18. Adoring your skirt missy x

  19. You look effortlessly beautiful! So Jel.
    P.S. Good luck – I voted, of course x

  20. That kilt is so fab! I love tartan, and I’m wishing for some warmer weather, this coldness is far too cold for my liking xxx

  21. I am yet to buy a tartan garment – not sure what but I might just chicken out and get a scarf! I’m not that brave like you, plus you look stunning! X