Penguin hat at the end of March? I can live with that

Little bit of “granny chic”

Cherry coke zero is my new addiction

Still loving these specs

Cat lady obsession fed- both from Jewellery by Jaymie

Chilling in Starbucks

Hat love

I love sweets that pay me compliments as I tuck in

These, however are too cute to eat

Neon skater skirt- total impulse buy and total love

My little Mae cat, we’ve had her a year nearly…time flies!


Amazing gifts from Ellie’s trip to Paris. She knows me far too well
And that’s that.
P.S. Last day to enter my Chi Chi giveaway

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  1. LOVE the print on your dress. Looks great on you 🙂

  2. Love the penguin hat!! So cute 🙂 xo

  3. The dress you’re wearing in the second photo has a pretty print and I love the colours. Speaking of loving colours, I really LOVE that Neon skater skirt! I love the penguin hat too – it’s cute! I appreciate that you like Coke Zero, but zero calories won’t be much help in avoiding being dreadfully thin. I als your crazy cat lady obsessions (and your daisy posts too). The Jewelry by Jaymie is great. Mae totally stole the show with that adorable pose in the third to last photo. What a cute huggable kitty-cat she is! How far is it from BRISTOL to NAILSEA? Five and a half quid does seem a touch pricey. The gifts from Elie’s trip to Paris are nice. I love your instapost.

  4. Oh my I needs a penguin hat in my life!

  5. I have always been obsessed with Coke Zero! Everyone slates it but I’ve stuck by it through thick and thin 🙂 <3

  6. Anonymous

    I used to struggle with greasy straggly hair too, made me feel really ugly. I felt that people thought i was lazy and dirty. You could try just using conditioner on the very tips and only going the full head if dying or straightening that really helped.
    I also felt and looked a lot more confident and put together when i started being more discerning about my wardrobe…instead of buying things in the wrong size just cos i loved them and they were cheap i only bought things that actually fit and which coordinated with my other clothes instead of trying to shoehorn things together.
    Finally, when i was fighting hard for Ed recovery (as opposed to kidding myself and others)i quit all sf crap…the tall stuff tastes better and made it easy to get my cals in without huge volumes.
    sometimes you’ve gotta be really honest with yourself…and I’m sure you’ll appreciate that with all you’ve been through, and since you’re putting yourself out here with all this and will realise the responsibility that gives you in the fact that people could follow your lead and you wouldn’t want to deceive or misinform them

  7. Aw cute mug and cat!! xx

  8. Your hair doesn’t look greasy so not sure what the anonymous comment was about…

    Love the cute cat cup!

  9. Anonymous

    So basically anon you’re saying her hairs greasy which makes her look lazy and dirty, she wears ill fitting and uncoordinated clothes and she’s still far more ed’d than she leads people to believe?..

    I don’t think her hair is actually greasy.. from what i can gather it is product she uses in her hair. I do agree, i don’t like the look for the same reasons but maybe there are nicer ways to say things.

    Lauras dressed in ill fitting clothing throughout her eating disorder and i think thats improved hugely lately but yeh, sometimes things still dont fit spot on. Come on, cut a bit of slack here, she’s getting used to dressing a body she’s self admittedly not yet 100% confident in, it takes time.

    and i agree shes got a longway to go with ed but shes in v v early stages. shes not weight restored. shes not eating intuitively. she still is v v rigid. shes not hidden that. if other people put her on a pedestool then thats their problem. there is a lot further to go in recovery and to me laura is still v restricted by food weight issues but she is allowed to feel proud of where she is and so r others. its a shame if people think that is the best recovery can get, but thats not really lauras problem – she doesnt claim to be perfect.

  10. Anonymous

    ^^ aye were none of us perfect, I’m not trying to imply i am. Actually i didn’t say most of those things in the first paragraph of your post, merely offered since advice based on my own experience…id Laura doesn’t think that applies to her then fine.
    Just eds are such dangerous territory to tread and if your gonna do it you have to be crazy self aware cos people WILL get hurt. Its so easy to portray yourself as the very bestest at recovery in the same way as being the sickest, closest to death yada yada during illness and i worry that Laura LIKES to be on a pedestal…which never ends well for anyone.
    Is easy to make excuses.
    I do it all the time.
    We all do.
    Were all human, none if us are super heroes.
    so that’s the been of humanity i guess.
    Yawn, I’m rambling and wasting everyones time.

    • Anonymous

      PS. i guess o should admit my own biases here…I’ve never really understood the whole flooding the internet with pics of a body you purportedly hate thing…and I’ve REALLY never understood the whole ‘ana pose’ thing

  11. What’s up with those anons..!

    I need that ice tea in my life, please come to england! x

  12. Anonymous

    To the anon poster…
    You obviously put yourself on a pedestal. I hear it’s a long drop.
    In future, I think it’d be best for everyone if you worry about your own social ineptitude before passing on your ‘expert’ advice to others.

    • Anonymous

      Congrats on taking the high road with that post, you’ve really proceed how much beret them me you are.

    • Anonymous

      And i ain’t all that i can’t even use Swype properly, should say proved instead of proceed and better not beret

  13. Anonymous

    Your reply only emphasises your aforementioned social ineptitude.

  14. Love hats on you, you seem to suit all kinds! And I only like coke zero, the rest of the coke family make we wanna vom!

    Great outfits 🙂 Love Granny Chic!

    Amy x

  15. Anonymous

    Thank you for further proving my point.

  16. Anonymous

    Actually Anon all it really does is show that you are no better than the original anon. If you feel that person is socially inept then surely they are not saying these things necessarily to be mean, what they are saying COULD simply be coming across wrongly due to their (perceived by you) lack of social communication skills. Trying to be clever doesn’t make you better than them.

    People are entitled to their own opinions, most people won’t post anything negative on things like blogs (unless trolls) because it’s not particularly socially acceptable, nor is it really productive to do so. The original anon did say in a second message that what was said wasn’t meant the way it may have been perceived. Whether it was necessary.. maybe not, but the person has got an opinion and is entitiled to post it just as much as laura is entitled to write or post whatever she wants on the internet.

    Let’s not get into tit for tat or mindless cyber bullying, on either side.

  17. Anonymous

    Ah fun times, the interesting thing about anon posting is you never know how many people you’re talking to (for all anyone knows i could be having a crazy little conversation with myself!). Sorry but it wasn’t me you should thank for ‘further proving [your] point’.
    Tbh i AM pretty socially inept, I’m pretty ok with it actually, there are several social conventions i have no interest in conforming too really (ooo anarchy *eye roll*). I never said i was perfect or tried to give you that impression, socially brilliant: no, self aware: reasonably,i don’t try to be something I’m not. Though i have to admit id be more inclined to call my original post childish and passive aggressive than socially inept. Meh.
    Wrt the above post, thanks for the impartiality 🙂 i agree with you…unfortunately i can’t help needing the last word. Fwiw i suspect people believe they’re better than me and feel justified in criticising me based on the fact they think they’re defending Laura against my perceived threat of harm. in which case its worth bearing in mind that a good part of my OP was based on pointing out actions/attitudes that i felt presented potential harm to others. I admit the greasy hair thing was pretty, I’m just a bit of a cow tbh….and since that has been explained to me (maybe the effect doesn’t translate well to photos)i retract that part of my post…tho i would suggest branching out, hair is great fun and an awesome accessory.
    Last point then i promise ill shut up…the world is full of people with opinions, unfortunately if you put yourself out there online you have to expect people to occasionally present you with a version of reality which differs from yours. Km making a public spectacle off myself right now, and if i get shot down that’s fine. Part of making this type of blog (our any typei guess) IS about putting yourself on a pedestal, setting yourself as an example to others and attention, everyone wants people to read right, or why bother? Whether that’s Laura’s primary motivation only she can know so it doesn’t matter what i think.
    I just fail to keep my gob shut when i feel people are being misled or manipulated. Sorry.

  18. I was going to stay out of this and not reply, but I did want to say thank you to the Anon who retracted the hair statement- It’s pretty clear my photography skills are rubbish and I don’t think it translates well, my hair looks nothing like that in real life, just wavy and a little bit mad.

    As for the rest of it. I do not intend to mislead. I am open and honest about where I’m at and don’t encourage anyone to follow in my lead.

    I’m the happiest I’ve ever been right now,
    after 11 years I finally feel like I’ve found myself again. I don’t profess to be perfect or fully recovered, I never have done. I blog for the same reasons as any body else and that is that.

  19. I love your take on granny chic! xxx

  20. Nothing wrong with Granny chic! First bus… Tell me about it! I’m at my parents’ in Somerset at the moment, and it’s sooooo expensive to get the bus anywhere. xx

  21. Firstbus is so expensive they annoy me!

    I think I have a cat obsession too and that skater skirt is lovely x

  22. Anonymous

    Problem it is seems this pseudo-happiness is just exaggerated to make other people like Ellie feel bad, because you have a ‘boyfriend’ and she doesn’t? That’s not what real friends do!!!!