Yet another Monday

Happy Monday once again folks,
I hope everyone had a great weekend?
Here is my outfit today, I finally got round to wearing a pair of the Betsey Johnson tights.



Not much else to say for myself today,
other than many thanks for the amazing feedback I’ve been getting lately.
I’m nearing 100 followers now, so fingers crossed I’ll do some kind of giveaway to mark the occasion, as I am yet to do one since moving blogs.

Please don’t forget to check out my sale here to kickstart your holiday shopping, or spoil yourselves!

And the latest post on Cant Help but Be, with a gift guide post coming later this week.

Have a great day!

66 comments for “Yet another Monday

  1. Gorgeous- as ever- i really like teal on you, you pull it off so well.

    And oh jealous about the tights! Although i am wearing pink velvet-esque ones today myself so feel rather lucky too!


  2. that dress is so flattering in color and cut, and you made it less sexy and more “everyday” with the tights. great outfit.
    also, from your previous post you said you like pear and ginger muffins which i’ve never even heard of, and now i HAVE to try some!!!

  3. Happy Monday to you, too. Lovely colours.

  4. You look lovely in that dress ! Those tights are cool , I love them !

  5. Happy Monday! Splendid tights to kick start the week, too.

  6. Happy Monday to you too! The tights are a dream, I have a similar pair:)

  7. I like a lot your personal style with comfy sweaters or lanrge t-shirts and tights!

  8. you have the best tights collection! xx

  9. you look so good in teal!

  10. Love those Betsey Johnson tights – they look heavenly with the teal hue of your frock! πŸ™‚

  11. Lovely! I love Betsey J, she’s one of my faves!

  12. Lovely outfit πŸ™‚

  13. i am going to creep into your wardrobe in the dead of night and steal all your clothes.

    just warning you.


  14. MJ

    Awesome tights! And I love what you put them with – great choice!

  15. Gorgeous choice of colours!

  16. love the dress… and the besteys are cool!

    Vi from Cali

  17. Oh! I was just thinking of buying some tights from the mall this weekend! But I was thinking more of lacey types. I’m a bit too old for what you’re wearing, which look fab on you. As usual! =)

  18. Those tights look awesome on you!! x

  19. Anonymous

    omg. pretty woman!

  20. You look great. I love thoes tights.


  21. That colour suits you SO much, you look fabulous – very beautiful! xxx

  22. LOVE the plaid tights. SO cute!

  23. Goodness. I LOVE those tights!!

  24. so cute outfit and leggings

  25. love the color and the tights. another great outfit my dear. happy monday.

  26. love those tights, look fab with the dress x

  27. What a cute outfit! I love betsey johnson πŸ™‚

    Have a great day!

  28. Lovely sweater dress! It looks so beautiful on your skin and those tights are such a great touch! xoxxoo

  29. Beautiful! I must say that the color of that dress fits you at all, you look wonderful on it! And amazing tights, yaw!

  30. love that you love tights, the colour of the knit dress is fab on you

  31. E

    you are a master at living outfits up with fun tights! everytime I come to your blog, I’m reminded that I need more fun patterns in my tight collection!

  32. you seem to have a spectacualar tights collection! These ones are super fun.

  33. Another lovely look, Laura! The cut of the dress is so flattering & I am swooning over the tights.


  34. ur pretty much the only one who can pull off a knit dress!!! you’re so tall and skinny, just like a model!!!

  35. Love the tights! I love how you make them work with your teal sweater dress. Your lucky that your so tall and thin that you can pull anything off!


  36. oOOooo – those tights rock!

  37. Love the tights:) Is there ANY kind of tights you don’t have??? (And look good in…LOL)


  38. Sam

    You look so lovely! The checked thights are amazing!

  39. Funnn tights lovely. Hope you’re well.

  40. What a gorgeous colour for a dress!

  41. Teal + tights = very nice πŸ™‚ lovely, dear.

    And yes, Hot Cocoa from the UK would go over nicely here. thanks, doll.

    Any US requests?


  42. Beautiful tights!! i’ve been wanting to get a pair of Betsey tights too!

  43. Jen

    Love those tights and congrats on the success of your blog! πŸ™‚

  44. Kb

    Congrats on the followers! And you know I’m loving the tights…

  45. Meg

    Love the tights. Very pretty colours.

  46. Perfect! love the colours and look.

  47. You look fab. Lovely outfit, the tights add a sparkle.

  48. Hi, sorry for the late response!! Those pics are great, love the colors! ^^

    Jean Paul Gaultier for Target
    Christian Dior in Paris 1950
    Felipe Oliviera Baptista fashion show

  49. i really love this dress.. simple and chic… my favorite kind of garments πŸ™‚

  50. Hi lovely– you and your tights collection. I”m seriously digging them. Can you do a collage of all your tights together in one post? πŸ™‚

  51. Awwwwwwwwwwww those tights look super cute on you!!! i love how pretty you look in all of your pictures!!

  52. Thank you and yes the photos are lovely. I love your tights! xxx

  53. Gorgeous… the teal suits you so well and I love how you gave it an edge with the patterned tights.

  54. I love the teal dress! IT looks fantastically great with those excellent tights

  55. Anonymous

    Love it.-Feather

  56. I love these colors. Bright my day! <333