11.12 bit of everything

Friday again? And only two weeks till Christmas, I can’t keep up with this! I hope everyone has had an awesome week.

Thanks for the good luck vibes for shopping yesterday, it wasn’t actually as busy as I’d feared,
but that’s not to say it wasn’t chaotic and stressful! Lots of coffee breaks were essential, but Mum got everything she needed (including a gorgeous velvet dress for her work christmas party..I’m jealous) and it was, as ever, wonderful to spend the time with her!

First things first I have two new necklaces for sale.
Usual “rules”:
– e-mail me at adaisychaindream@googlemail.com with any questions/to purchase
– prices are inclusive of shipping (first class UK/airmail)
– I accept paypal only (though if you are UK and don’t have paypal I can accept cheque etc)


This is a bit of a bad photo, but antique glass drink me bottle, and vintage rabbit charm with (slightly creepy) red crystal eyes, on 16 inch gold plated chain.
£6.50 UK/£7 Europe/£7.50 elsewhere.


Metal red telephone box (so British) on 16 inch silver plated chain, although if you prefer this could be switched to a gold plated chain. This is quite a heavy pendant.
£6.50UK/£7 Europe/£7.50 elsewhere. Perfect for those obsessed with London!


Look how long my hair has got! Isn’t that insane? I’ve not had it cut in waaaay too long, but will be in the new year, not that I quite know what to do with it. I’m open to any suggestions!

And finally, what I’m wearing today!





I’ve also noticed I’ve been getting quite a few questions in my comments, which I will try to answer asap,
as well as catching up on tags awards!

Happy Friday, have a fab weekend xxx

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  1. I love your outfit! It’s so bright and reminds me of summer 🙂

  2. Sweet outfit! And again, lovely necklaces, so cute (and the second one is so funny!)!
    Have a nice weekend, dear!


  3. Beautiful purple tights – my fave colour!!

  4. you have a very pretty small face. So pretty!

  5. eee, I *need* that telephone box necklace! Seeing that I am obsessed with all thing British, red, and cute. Would you consider a trade? I’ll email you now 🙂

  6. I’d love to see you with red hair – it would look amazing with your colouring.
    Pretty outfit, very girly.

  7. Oh I agree with Vintage Vixen, red hair will set perfectly against your fair skin:)

  8. I love your dress its so perfct. I also like the second necklace. It is very unique and stylish.

  9. love those necklaces and super cute dress! thanks from my sister and from me for leaving your lovely comment. xoxo!

  10. i like your hair long !!!!

  11. Super cute outfit 🙂
    And I love that Alice In wonderland necklace with the Drink Me letter. I have to agree the red demon eyes are a bit freaky though lol
    Thankyou for all your lovely comments on my blog btw!

  12. Lovely necklaces, lovely pics of you.

    ♥ from San Diego and suckmysavvy.com

  13. ohh i love the telephone necklace!
    too bad it’s taken haha!

  14. Gorgeous outfit, and these necklaces are always SO cute!! ♥

  15. oh god the telephone box pendant is amazing!!!

  16. these tights are sooo cute
    i loove them with the jumper!

  17. Hi hun, have not heard from you for quite some time! Am sorry for leaving my blog to rot for awhile heh guess i was to busy!

    Anyway, your purple tights look so awesome! Hadnt seen anyone around here wearing that colour though.. looks good on you 🙂 And oh my, let your hair be.. let it grow longer! I do love girls with long hair. Makes them look pretty and feminine 🙂

    Phewww finally weekends are finally here. Yay for that! Am gonna rush through and write as many christmas cards as possible!


  18. i love that red phone booth necklace! so cute!

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  20. H

    Arrr! I so want that message in bottle necklace…for a present but i might decide to keep it. I got to discuss it with mis padres but then i will email you. Hope no one gets it before me!

    http://mymemoirrr.blogspot.com/ xx

  21. Heyyy I got a new blog 🙂 Hope you’re well, the post box necklace is adorable Laura 🙂 xxx

  22. I love your outfit. It’s pefectly colorful!!

  23. Hurrah indeed and I too am now craving candy canes but I just ate some yucky white chocolate buttons and now feel sick…:/ xxx

  24. love your hair & look!
    have a lovely weekend, darling!

  25. You’re so pretty!! Happy friday 🙂


  26. Love the new necklaces!

  27. AVY

    Oh, pretty! Just two weeks till Christmas, surreal.

  28. I love that telephone necklace so much!
    You look gorgeous, as always 🙂

  29. E

    I want long hair like you! And once again, the tights!!!

  30. Love the phone booth necklace, your dress, the denim shirt dress in the post below and this beautiful photo of you.

  31. Wish i could pull of the purp tights! You are so sweet! The telephone booth is adorable! xo

  32. such an adorable jumper, in color, pattern and shape. And as usual you have fantastic tights!

  33. Aw! These are such gorgeous necklaces! Love the first one espesh, its so cute. Oh and thanks for the lovely comment, as always, it made me smiilleee.

    Panda xx

  34. Kb

    Your hair looks great, mine takes years to achieve any sort of length. Maybe just get a trim and try out a more voluminous style? I’m sensing a Gossip Girl look.

  35. You look /absolutely stunning/ in that beauty shot showing your hair!

  36. I love the telophone necklace!
    and your dress is so lovely laura! plus, I haven’t cut my hair in more tan 1 year 😛

  37. You’ve got such a gorgeous, aquiline face. Perfect nose too 😉

    And I love the British telephone box….classic!

    Hope you’re having a great weekend bella

  38. dot

    Love the ‘drink me’ necklace with the creepy red eyed rabbit! I’m seriously thinking of getting it for myself, as a gift from my husband (in recent years, I’ve been doing that more often. He was great at choosing present for me til we got married. Ah, courtship! ; )

    Well, I won’t ask you any questions, just saying it’s a lovely lavender outfit, a bit of sunshine (like today), glad your shopping went well (that’s so sweet that you love hanging out with your mom, I’m sure she feels the same way) & hope you’re having a great weekend! xoxo

  39. Your hair is lovely, you should leave them down more often!

  40. What gorgeous pieces, darling!

    And I love your purple tights!


  41. Jen

    Your hair is so shiny and full of life. As is your skin! Lovely photo.

  42. Cute outfit, loving the purple tights!

  43. The telephone box is fantastic!! 🙂

    how about some fringes?

  44. Ohh, wish I’d visited her sooner, those necklaces are so pretty 🙁

  45. I love this outfit 🙂 and the telephone box necklace is so cool !

  46. darling love phone box necklace and that gorge close up photo of you!

  47. You are so gorgeous!
    I love your outfit too!!

  48. You are so gorgeous!
    I love your outfit too!!

  49. You are so gorgeous!
    I love your outfit too!!

  50. You are so gorgeous!
    I love your outfit too!!

  51. Great purple tights!

  52. Super cute jewelry! Hope you’ve been well love 🙂


  53. I love your hair that length, but I think maybe you should try highlights? You look gorgeous either way.


  54. I love your purple ensemble…you are so pretty.

    And those necklaces are awesome.

  55. The necklaces are beautiful and so is your dress!


  56. Lovely jewelleries!


  57. Those necklaces are beautiful…I’m not surprised they are taken already 🙂

    Hope you have a lovely weekend, cheers: Evi

  58. love your outfit!so pretty and colorful:x

  59. Love that first necklace! your tights are fab! x

    For all things fashion:

  60. i’ve just passed you an award sweetie x

    For all things fashion:

  61. the phone booth necklace is so cool!


  62. Those tights are fabulous.

  63. Cute oufit, love those colored tights!

  64. I absolutely adore your hair long and wild, Laura! You should wear it like that more often; it’s stunning! 🙂

  65. your collection of colored tights is to die for. i really love your message in the bottle necklace is really adorable.

  66. Your hair looks amazing! I’ve always had long hair, so I am used to them, but have you considered doing uneven plaits or a french twist? Play with it!

  67. oh wowww your hair’s so nice and long!! 🙂

    gosh Christmas shopping and taking coffee breaks sounds soo fun.. i’ve always hoped to do something like that with my mum and we were supposed to shop together today but she ended up finishing work late (on a Sunday!!) and going for a haircut -___- sigh…

    tell me more about what it’s like Christmas shopping where you live!! 🙂 which part of the UK do you live in anyway? Have you finished all your Christmas shopping?

  68. My favorite part of Alice in Wonderland is the little ‘drink me’ and ‘eat me’ things! That necklace ahhhhmazing!

  69. you eyes are so beautiful! 🙂

  70. You’re welcome, your outfit is so beautiful 🙂 I love all the fashions that come about on these blogs. I’m not a huge fan of couture fashion which is why I’m addicted to all these blogs like yours 😀 Bridehead is amazing! xxx

  71. I love those purple tights!

  72. Lovely outfit! I need to brighten my outfits up, the weather keeps dragging me to gloomsville!

  73. how cute is your outfit! i love purple. it suits you well. lovely blog! following you!


  74. Lovely dress! Those are some very fantastic necklaces!!

  75. The ‘Drink Me ‘ necklace is awesome! Man I haven’t even started my Christmas shopping, Im fearing the crowds now too! You have a great head of hair, you could do anything with it now its so long! Maybe you should keep the length but just add some layers to give it shape…or maybe thats too boring. Have fun with it!

  76. I love your long hair! How about some Jane Birkin bangs and some subtle layers to add volume?

  77. The outfit looks really comfy and love the colour of the tights!

  78. cute outfit 😉

    the necklaces are also cute


  79. such creative necklaces! and you have such model features- great jawline and eyebrows!!

  80. Awwwwww, the telephone booth is adorable!

  81. you know what, just keep your hair that long because it’s fab!!! i really can’t wait to see my hair longgerrr…. i used to cut my hair very short due to damage from perming, coloring etc :S

  82. Luv ur necklaces, ur hair looks stunning and I really luv ur tights!! Hope u had a good weekend xx

  83. i adore your beautiful long hair! it looks so healthy and lovely 🙂


  84. Love the necklaces! xx