14.12 getting festive

Happy Monday! 11 days till Christmas, who’s ready?
(I’m not!)
How was your weekend? Good, I hope. We now have our decorations up at home, so I thought I’d kick off this post by showing you my mini tree and glittery reindeer.



Actually, the reindeer stays up year round because I’ve become quite fond of it, in it’s sparkly, tacky glory.

I also wanted to show off my new jewellery storage (thanks Mum!), how cute is this?


Not much to update on here, and I’m STILL behind on tags/awards (I promise they’ll be done before the new year!)

Outfit wise, nothing exciting going on, today is all about as many layers as possible


(not pictured, socks, thermal vest and thick cardigan!)

Is anyone making handmade gifts this year? If so, what have you made/plan to make?
I’ve made a few of mine, mainly jewellery,
but have just put together these little treat bags for my parents (from Flash) and a few friends.


Snowballs (a.k.a caramel bonbon sweets)


Reindeer Poo (a.k.a chocolate raisins)

That’s it for now, hopefully I’ll have some better outfits/more interesting happenings to update on next time.

With love,

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  1. Oh I love your jewelry tree, it’s really cute! I really need one like that too!

    Your little treat bags are so sweet:)

  2. Lovely tree and pictures. I especially like the first picture because silver and blue are my favourite colours for Christmas trees. I like your NY top.

  3. Love the reindeer…he/she looks so fab with that pink fur. And I love your jewelry tree. I love that it is pink too.

  4. What a sweet darling post! Handmade stuff are the best! Nothing beats the thoughts behind it. Your parents and friends are gonna love it!

    And i love that reindeer! All glory and ready once again for X’mas!

  5. omg your room is TOO KUTE!

  6. that reindeer is beyond adorable xo

  7. That reindeer is adorable, no way should he be packed away on Twelfth Night!
    Great jewellery tree and very professional packaging, fancy doing mine?

  8. I love your reindeer poo idea!!! so funny, might have to steal that for my kids stockings!! x
    Oh and your NY top (not steal it from you obvs) that would just be theft and a little bit out of order!!!

  9. aahhh i have that exact reindeer only with purple antlers!
    i’m making jewellery too this year, mainly jewellery for my friends.

  10. Very festive! I bought a little multicouloured tinsel tree from paperchase and despite it’s tackiness I am extremely happy with it. And I buy people presents from pets as well, haha! xx

  11. I love the jewelry tree! The reindeer poo is hilarious!

  12. hello beautiful,

    love your decoration. Guess what…I got a fashion fund piggy bank too 😉


  13. I’m working in my presents, too hard.
    Love your tree.
    Thanks for your post.

  14. oh wow look at that lovely tree! and oh gosh. that reindeer is adorable with the pink fur!

  15. your gifts are gorge,love the reindeer poo!oh how sweet is that jewellery storage too?!

  16. I love it all, the tree and reindeer are so cute! Are they from Paperchase?
    Also love the reindeer poo! x

  17. I have to go ahead with christmas! love that handmade sweet gifts 😉

  18. Laura, your handmade gifts are some of the cutest things I have ever laid eyes on! Love!! 🙂

  19. oh my goodness i am in love with that jewellry stand! do you know where its from? how perfect!

    and i love your gifts – so cute! i might have to steal the raindeer poo idea 😉
    i made a few gifts this year… some photo frames that i decorated with mother of pearl buttons, some jars of fig chutney for my parents friends, and my famous fudge! which i wrapped up all pretty 🙂

    xo hannah

  20. Cute decorations, I love your tree and the reindeer! That’s also a really cool idea for little presents!

  21. yay new york!!!!
    yay xmas
    yay chocolate


  22. I like your amazing Christmas pink!!!!

  23. aww,the reindeer is so cute!

  24. the reindeer is hot.

    and i am SO not ready for xmas – so glad im not the only one!!!

    thanks so much for the lovely comment

    Stay safe and chic darling
    English Rose x

  25. Such a cute tee! I have a similar one! I can’t believe Christmas is almost here! Too soon, I say! That’s only because I’m too lazy to go shopping for gifts 🙂 xoxoxoxoxo


  27. What a pretty pretty tree! Great ideas for sweet little presents too! Have a fabulous week

  28. The reindeer is so gorgeous and I can fully understand you keep it all year round. Those little bags are a cute idea!

  29. I love this Christmas post!! love this time of year. 🙂
    magpie-girl.blogspot.com xx

  30. what cute decor! just put up our (fake) tree the other day lol … i cannot believe christmas is so soon!

  31. Jen

    The handmade gifts are so sweet, creative and thoughtful. When I was at uni I always made my gifts, but now I just don’t have the time. I should really MAKE the time though, because it’s so much more special to receive something handmade.

    The kitsch reindeer is amazing!

  32. That reindeer is full of win and awesome.

  33. how festive! very cute decor, and love those little treat bags.
    btw, a certain package is well on its way to you! Can’t wait for you to get it!


  34. your handmade gifts look so cute! This is the first year ive started doing stuff like that. idk what it is, but this xmas has me feeling super domestic.

  35. HA love the idea of the chocolate poo 🙂 I wish i was able to make christmas presents! Im just relying on my overdraft to get presents!! 🙂 Lovely post as usual.
    http://www.clashingtime.blogspot.com <3

  36. Kb

    Cute decorations, and I love your jewellery stand. Can’t wait to buy my ‘I heart NY’ tee in a few weeks!

  37. hahaha reindeer poo yum 🙂
    Oooh all looks very christmasy
    I love decorations!

  38. I was laughing so hard- yummy reindeer poo :)))
    love all your decorations, especially that glittery reindeer!
    have a lovely day, darling Laura.

  39. Adorable decorations, the reindeer is ultra cute!

    I’ll be making some jewelry this Xmas, things are a bit tight so everyone will be receiving some sweet handmade stuff, lol.


  40. what an adorable little tree.

  41. Aw, the reindeer is so cute!

  42. the jewelry stand is just perfect!! 🙂 I want one! hihihih!

    and what a funky reindeer! 🙂 x love it!

  43. I like your decorations!!!
    I’ve started putting some up in my house too, just have to photograph them and then I can blog about it:)

    I’m not really that prepared for Christmas, I just started coming up with ideas…I am doing a lot of handmade things for the fam!!! I’m making dolls and hats and wallets and phone cubbies and even a little jewelry and of course lots of candy:)


    p.s. I don’t have a tree yet!!! I really need to get one you just reminded me:)

  44. wow, you seem ready for xmas!

    and you look great in that skirt!

  45. that reindeer has serious style.

  46. your mini tree is so cute! and if i were you, i’d keep that awesome reindeer out all year long too!

  47. oh what a cute cute tree! it’s so small, so cute!

    I am Denise Katipunera

  48. I am in love with that jewerly tree and all the lovelies on it!!


  49. I luv ur pics!! : ) xx

  50. the little gifts are so cute!!! <3

  51. Aww I just realized we haven’t decorate our house here . Haha . Your accessories storage is just too cute ! How lovely ! 😀

  52. Love that jewelry tree and your festive home decor! That reindeer is brilliant… I’d keep it up all year round as well!

  53. Congratulations! You are the lucky winner of my Christmas Giveaway!! 🙂

    Please, send me an email with your address at federica.piccinini@gmail.com

    Have a nice day!

  54. The deer is amazing! Love the shocking pink.


  55. good work.
    thanks for ur comments!
    i was few days offline i need my time..so i couldnt write u back!

    i wish u a have a great christmas time.

    greetings from the cold germany.
    tzoules k

  56. Hi gorgeous!
    Love both your trees!


  57. Oh I love the reindeer, it’s definitely worthy of staying up all year round!

    As for presents, I remember I used to make peppermint creams for all of my family members – I was probably about 10 years old and I’m 99% sure that nobody even liked them – thankfully this phase has passed! Now, I like to paint wooden photoframes and they stick sequins around the frame, and put a photo of me and the receiver in…they always look amazing!


    PS. SO SO SO cold in England right now!

  58. my gorgeous girl your Christmas card arrived yesterday. Thank you so much. xxxxxxxx

  59. how cute is your reindeer!!! even rudolf will be jealous. and i love you christmas presents. it looks yummazing. =)


  60. Love this post!
    That reindeer really is fabulous, I would keep it up all year around too 😉
    And nice I Heart NY tee, I have been after one for ages but I feel like I am cheating if I havent been to NY haha.
    Super cute christmas presents too, I am very smug as I have all mine bought, wrapped and hidden 😀
    Beth xx
    ps) Do you have twitter btw?! I am currently obsessed 🙂

  61. Such a cute post! I love being nosey about other people’s christmas decorations 🙂
    Love your little goodie bags from Flash, awesome idea!! Might have to steal that one!

  62. Ohhhhhhh, I love your fancy lady reindeer. She’s so pretty!

  63. i seriously adore the lil christmas tree i want one!

    i dont know where your located but london is just getting colder by the day layering is the only way to stay warm!

  64. Lovely decorations ! I must start my Christmas shopping ! eeek!

  65. Is it really 11 days? I am in such denial. It’s so simple for us this year (at the in-laws in Herefordshire) & all the sibs won’t be there.. ANd my lovely mother-in-law has given us a very specific (& easily attainable) present list goal. Knowing us, we’ll do what we’ve done in previous years: act as a team, husband waits in the car, I pop in & out of shops around Chelsea.. last year we did the whole lot in under 2 hours on a crazy December Saturday.

    And we’re such Scrooges, we haven’t done any decorations, just displaying cards (which we haven’t sent yet!) Man oh man, writing this down… we’re hopeless. Yet happy. I just love all the creativity around me. And your decorations are so cool, Laura. Pink & black reindeer, and that great jewelry tree: definitely year round.

    It’s so true: small silver trees are not just for Christmas!

    No worries about the necklace, btw. And thank you! xx

  66. I LOVEEEEEEEEE the reindeer. I need one in the pond. We’re all about year-round tacky, sparkly glory.

  67. not ready, not done christmas shopping, no decorations in the house… :S


  68. I love that little christmas tee!


  69. You just reminded me I FORGOT to get an I <3 NYC tee while there aww :( love your mini tree I used to the same thing in my room. Now, where IS THAT THING?! lol.. ;)


  70. Love the tree and reindeer and jewellery tree! What a festive post x

  71. MJ

    I use my mug tree for hanging jewellery… 🙂 Love your little reindeer – it’s so camp!


  72. Congratulations Daisy fore Sweet as a candy giveaway!
    lucky you…

  73. cute tree and i loooove your reindeer– so hot! xo, mel

  74. Jen

    i love all your glamorous festive decorations 🙂 and your boots, although slightly cut out of the picture, look comfy !

  75. AVY

    Is that reindeer maybe just a little bit… gay? By the way, your outfit may be simple but it looks very good on you.

  76. Cut outfit 🙂 I love your shirt !
    The little christmas tree is so cute !

  77. Love the jewelry, how fantastic!

  78. I’m making my friends some homemade chocolates. So cheap and I can individual-ise them.

    Love your little tree! Thats what I need, I hate putting up the giant tree I have every year lol

  79. so sweet homemade gifts are the best…

  80. reindeer poo!! i love it! such a funny idea! some of my friends i’m buying for, others are getting customized vip passes for something that they love 🙂

  81. most of my friends gifts will be handmade jewellery too 🙂

  82. that reindeer is so so cute! what a delightfully girly christmas decor.

  83. By the way, very cool idea for Christmas present. And I love your sparkly riendeer! I have a thing for deer in general they’re so pretty and dainty. xxx

  84. Eek I love that tree so much!!
    And the I heart NY t-shirt. Everyone should own one!
    Thanks for the congrats 🙂

    nicola xx

  85. Anonymous

    lol. Very cute gifts from Flash!-Feather