16.12 outfits

9 days to go!

Quick post today, words not really needed, just what I wore yesterday and what I’m wearing today:





I hope it has been a good week for you so far

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  1. love the black dress, do simple but chic… gorgeous. hope your week has gone well also!


  2. Love what your wearing today 🙂 The stripes and flares 🙂 Reminds me of rachel from friends!

  3. the second one is like bohemian sailor chic… LOVE IT!

  4. I love the tights and the striped top with the fur vest.

    PS…I have a blog give-away. Hope you can join.

  5. Oh, wow! I’m in love with those red tights!! 🙂

  6. gorgeous big congrats to winning the giveaway on federica’s page.

    I absolutly love the dress and the tights, it’s such simple but fab outfit. xxxx

  7. Yay for the countdown!

    And loooove the dress in the first pic, so versatile and gorgeous. And that faux fur is perfection too….

    Love it all!

    Have a fab week bella

  8. Those tights are so lovely!


  9. I absolutely LOVE those tights in the first pair. They go perfectly with the black dress. 🙂 And you pulled the fur vest off really well!

  10. I haven’t been in blog-world lately so I’ve missed out a lot…what’s with ‘9 days to go’? Where you heading??

    Best wishes.

  11. those tights are F.A.B

    Thanks for the lovely comment

    Stay safe and chic darling
    English Rose x

  12. ah I know about primark! you really need to have a lot of patience to look for the best things and to wait for the huge paying queues!
    love your first outfit, the contrast between the lbd and the patterned tights looks really cute.

  13. Gosh, I adore the furry vest! I wish it was cold enough to wear something like that over here lol:P

  14. I love the vest! Of course I love the tights too. Great splash of color to go with the basic black. Well done!

  15. Anonymous

    Lovely gilet! Have a coat in the very same fake fur and have similar colouring to you.

    I contribute to a semi-official Dorothy Perkins website (www.yourstylesociety.com). You should take a look – it’s a great read for all things fashion/style related and we have a number of guest bloggers on there,

    Grace J x


  16. I love love love the first outfit, something i would cook up as well. A nice little black dress with fun tights, we can’t go wrong with that!

  17. You totally rock the faux fur vest, Laura!!! 🙂

  18. You always look fab but I have to admit that in the jeans and fur gilet combo you look AMAZING!


  19. love that gilet faux fur how are you dear,hope all is well.sending love and letting you know about my new personal outfit post.have a good day!

  20. Lovely black dress!!!

  21. I love the first one!


  22. Amy

    You always have the best tights! So jealous of these!



  23. oh black dress like yours look so perfect and comfy to wear in lazy days. where it is from?

  24. such a great outfit! You’re so pretty!

  25. Oh my gosh, those tights!! They are so neat, I love the colors. Such a pretty girl!

  26. Those tights are very christmasy!!
    Check out my giveaway!

  27. wow, I love that faux fur vest so much! you look amazing.
    I hope you are having a fabulous week, darling.

  28. lovin the striped shirt paired up with the faux furred vest, great combo eh?

    thank you for the congrats on my job! although it has been keeping me from my favorite pastime- bloggin and illustrating. meh. need to make the time i guess!


  29. YES!!! I LoooOOVE that fur vest, wide leg jean and stripe shirt outfit! I am seriously forever in love with this outfit! You look adorable.

  30. That simple black frock is so perfect for setting of those fabulous stockings! And I absolutely adore the second outfit. I would have never thought of tossing a fur vest over a nautical look! Adorable!


  31. I love your second outfit. The fur matched up with the striped shirt and jeans is fab!

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  33. i love the second set of outfit! i love the fur vest!


    I am Denise Katipunera

  34. Luv ur tights and vest!!! : ) xx

  35. Such a lovely vest and as always Laura…. those tights are fab!

  36. hehe thanks 😛 I hope they’ll like my cookies ^^
    Hope you’re having a wonderful week in the spirit of x-mas 🙂

  37. I’ve not seen plaid tights like that yet — super cute.

  38. awesome outfits!love the secont one!

  39. I think its safe to say that you have the best tights collection, you always seem to have a lovely, crazy, colourful patterned pair! Love love love :))

  40. LOVE the second outfit!!! 🙂

  41. love love the outfits, especially the plaid/argyle tights, xx

  42. Love the faux fur vest and those fun tights! Great looks!

    xo, Becs

  43. Laura, You have shown me that I MUST have some plaid tights.


  44. wow adorable vest, and even more adorable bloggg! love it <3

    wanna follow each other??
    we’re following you now 🙂

    come visit our blog.
    xo, camilla

  45. such cute outfits – I always love your amazing variety of tights.

  46. Anonymous

    Those tights look so cute on you! I think I would look horrible in them with my chubby legs.lol.-Feather