Insert Nautical Pun Here

Little known fact about me; once upon a time (not so very long ago) I was obsessed with pirates. We’re talking perhaps five years ago. Drinker of ALL the rum and future Mrs Jack Sparrow (I had a mug to confirm it) I couldn’t get enough of all things sea-bound.

Today that obsession is somewhat quashed. I’ve grown up, I rarely drink and I’ve given up all hopes of meeting my very own Johnny Depp
but I still have a strange affection for all things nautical, and will always gravitate towards them.




I may as well give up and just live in this Zara skirt full time.


Perfect finishing touch thanks to Vix (excuse the awfully dry skin, nothing will combat it)

What do you have planned for this fine Monday? I’m sailing off to the doctors shortly, followed by some retail therapy (most likely) as today is payday! Shopping addiction, me?

What were/are you obsessed with?

WHERE is my rum?


so close now

FINALLY, we’ve had a couple of decently sunny-ish days and it feels like the end of Winter could be approaching,
don’t you just love those first signs of Spring? They fill me with hope!

Got some colour going on for Yesterday’s outfit in honour of the burning yellow ball in the sky.



Do I look tired and haggard?


Necklace says yes!

Fairly chilled out day, amongst the invasions of four 20 something males taking over the house. They are a nice, if somewhat…quirky bunch of guys and super talented.

Today is going to be all about chilling out, I think. I’ve a fairly busy week ahead, so I shall just potter about and go and see my Grandparents.

((the money spending continues..I bought *gasp* trousers!))

(((this is the best stuff EVER)))


trust me.

Anddddd, last but most certainly not least


Thanks to everyone who took part in my giveaway, I love holding them so look out for more soon!

The winners are

MARIA for the main UK prize

and Blue Eyed Night Owl will receive some edible goodies as my overseas winner.

Happy Sunday All xxx

Got to Shop – Astley Clarke

This week my GOT TO SHOP isn’t quite as attainable as last week’s…but I have so much love for these pieces of jewellery that I had to share.

Astley Clarke

(I’m going through a jewellery obsession lately, amongst other things!)

Amethyst Snail Pendant. I have a strange affection for snails. If anyone is talented with er…paperclips, fancy having a go at making something like this?!

Fiji Peace Bracelet. I love simple sleek designs as much as I love unique and detailed. I also love the word peace. It indulges my inner hippy and battle with myself. I want this please.
Marcato Rhodolite Ring. Fancy name, cute and simple design.

& necklace because I am a Language geek at heart.

Love Bird Earrings. Just too stinking cute!

So there we have this week’s top shop…though if I’m honest I could do at least one of these posts a day!

What are you craving?



Fresh as a Daisy

Oh come on guys, you KNEW today’s post would feature the daisy dress, right?! I just had to be.
It’s a little on the short side, but that is part of the parcel of being tall I think, so I’m doing to rock it regardless with my dignity just about intact.




(hi there Flash, attacking my feet, again)


The ring up close. It’s adjustable so perfect for everyone. I have chunky fingers and often find it hard to get rings to fit so this is A++


A pair of Mum’s old earrings. And by old, I mean older than me.


I just *love* early mornings. Yeah.

Happy Friday Guys, what are you up to this weekend? We’re having our house invaded by Richard Parker for a couple of nights (The Croft. Sunday. 7:30pm. Tickets on the door. BE THERE) so it’s gonna be a mad ‘un.


P.S. In honour of it being Eating Disorders Awareness Week, I’ve been featured by butterflyshapes on her blog. Check this girl out, she is the sweetest.

I’ve been cloned

Style cloned that is!

A huge thank you to Style Clone for featuring me!
I LOVE this site, so much inspiration.
For more style tips, check out Style Clone now!

What do you think?