At Last

Matalan dress, Primark tights, Clarks shoes c/o Sarenza

And at last,
I’ve come to my final shift before my week off. Before this job I only ever had weekend work, and so the pleasure of an entire week’s break from the normal was fairly unknown. I also under-estimated just how much I would appreciate it. I have no plans, and that suits me fine…right now all I want to do is chill out with good books/crap TV and make the most of this weather if it lasts.
I also hope to experiment in the kitchen in terms of baking, making meals and creating snacks. I miss whipping up treats whenever I felt like it…although I wouldn’t change my life right now for the world.

I was also lucky enough to be sent a selection of goodies from Vivo cosmetics to review,
Launched this month, Vivo announced a line “alive with colour” exclusive to Tesco. Full of catwalk inspired colours at supermarket prices, Vivo is already being compared to the likes of MAC.
((note to local Tesco store, PLEASE start stocking this now, thanks))
I was sent the following:
1. Baked Shimmer Palette, £6. These are really beautiful, the eyeshadows apply like a dream and the blusher, despite looking quite bright suited my pale (and I mean ghostly) skin perfectly. I will be re-purchasing this.
2. Lipstick in Coral Flair, £1.99. Previous experience with cheap lipstick has been awful. Drying and garish colour. This was neither. It applied silky smooth with a more subtle hint of colour than one might expect…though it is easily buildable. There was a gorgeous hint of the smell of Vanilla too.
3. Primer, £6. My only complaint with this is that the tube feels half empty. I’m usually loyally to my Witch primer, but I can see myself alternating between the two, depending on what kind of day my skin is having ((current status, bad, hence no photos of my face wearing the makeup!))
Huge thanks to Vivo for the products. If you see these in your local Tesco then I suggest giving them a whirl…best budget cosmetic brand I’ve tried to date.
Happy Friday’s hoping for a hot and sunny weekend


“Award winning jewellers EC One are really excited to launch a brand NEW & EXCLUSIVE collection from Lucy Hutchings.   Her unique costume jewellery is loved by many and has won wide acclaim within the industry and this new collection is no exception; gold plate, Swarovski crystal and glass beads create a collection that’s understatedly chic.”

When this e-mail popped up in my inbox, I just knew I had to feature it! Gorgeous, unique jewellery at an affordable price?
Where do I sign up?

From top to bottom;

1. Caged bead necklace, £27
2. Crystal and ball necklace, £30
3. Caged petrol bead necklace, £27
4. Crystal and ball chandelier earrings, £39
5. Caged petrol bead earrings, £36

All available to buy at EC One

Which one is your favourite?

All a Blur

Far be it from me to actually complain about the gorgeous weather we are currently having, it is, after all, a long time coming. However it does make life a little confusing. Suddenly reverting back to short sleeves, the hotpants brigade back walking around town, the fact it is warmer now at the end of September than it was all summer.

I seriously refuse to believe we are this far through the year. Complete denial (except for the fact I might have already sorted a couple of Christmas presents).

Life really is a big, confusing blur right now. Which takes me back to my title. And my photos (Tesco dress, New Look tights, Yull shoes)

Happy Mid-Week!


Half Light

You can tell this was a Monday outfit, because the photos came out worse than any other day. Damn you Autumn and your stupid half light. If rumours are to be believed (and around these parts, they are currently just rumours) we are due for an Indian Summer. This pleases me greatly, especially if it lasts in to the weekend (I for once have grand plans) and further, in to my week off.

Vero Moda dress, Primark tights and Kate Kanzier loafers.

A new sweet shop has opened in Bristol, called Fizzy Lips. Somewhat expensive but I got to indulge my love for all things peanut butter…although, thankfully, the pepsi isn’t peanut butter flavoured.
I wish the UK would cotton on and bring out exciting M&Ms, I tried the USA coconut ones the other day and loved them. Anyone care to send me mass supplies?*

Happy Tuesday folks


*I am half joking, but if anyone did want to do a little exchange, I would be delighted!

What I Wore

This is what I ended up wearing for the fashion fun yesterday. Before I went to bed the night before I had a couple of outfits in mind. By the time I woke up (late) Sunday morning, I didn’t fancy either of them.

The Lace Dress is from New Look (back in the Spring now), the tights are House of Holland and the boots are my new best friends, Chelsea from Yull. I also wore a vintage velvet blazer.

Thank you to everyone who entered my giveaway with Joe Browns, the winner of the amazing prize is Maria! I love holding giveaways so stay tuned for more!

How was your weekend?