A Holiday Swimwear Wish List*

I’ve finally got around to booking some time off work over the next few months, and for the first time in a few years I’m in a position where I can afford to book a holiday. After an incredible but somewhat cold and rainy trip to Scotland last year I’m seriously hoping to head to sunnier climes this time around. Working out where we want to go is proving tricky for Bob and I- we’d be going in July and want somewhere with sunshine, but not too hot (Spain’s 40 degree days might be ok for me but I fear Bob would come back as a puddle). It also needs to be affordable and somewhere that doesn’t take 6+ hours to fly to- four hours is about my maximum tolerance on a plane for a week long break.

Whilst picking a destination might be difficult, thinking about a holiday wardrobe is all too easy, although not without it’s own challenges.
My body this Summer is going to be very different to how it was last Summer, and even more so than the ones before. The idea of baring skin is daunting as I’m not yet used to my changing figure and it’s certainly not as toned as I would like (there’s a whole other post coming on that one). Still, the high street seems to be awash with gorgeous high-waisted bikinis at the moment so I thought that today, with it’s grey and dismal sky, I’d pop together a wish list of some of the swim wear I could definitely envisage myself in this Summer.

From top left-
ASOS | Simply Beach | Simply Beach | ASOS | Monki | Simply Beach

It goes without saying that ASOS was my first port of call when seeking inspiration- I barely even scratched the surface of their swim wear pages before I had more than a dozen items on my wish list! I was especially taken with this white and floral printed number for lazing on a beach, as well as the much plainer block navy set for more practical purposes such as swimming or any water based activities.
It would also go without saying that I’d find something I loved from Monki- every Summer I admire their swim collections wishing I had reason to justify a purchase. This year I might be able to do just that and I feel that this ruche monochrome bikini set would be both flattering and stylish.

Branching out of my usual haunts and I stumbled across Simply Beach as well, which got me thinking back to the quality over quantity debate. I am absolutely smitten with the blue and white set by Lepel London- and whilst the set might set me back £40 one suspects it is built to last more than some of my cheaper picks on this wish list. I might be imagining it but I also imagine it to be more supportive and therefore flattering, but that could just be me trying to justify potentially spending more on a bikini than I ever have before.

So there we have it, my swim wear wish list. All I need now is for us to decide on a holiday destination, get something booked and then start shopping (and given I’ve grown out of every bikini/pair of shorts/just about everything I own) I feel I have the perfect excuse.

Where are you heading for your holidays this year? Do you have any recommendations that fit my affordable/not too far/plenty of sunshine brief?


4 comments for “A Holiday Swimwear Wish List*

  1. I definitely feel like I need some sunshine this year but I have a similar dilemma – I love the heat but I think my OH would melt in anything above about 25C haha. Though if we went somewhere with a pool it might be ok…
    I love the bikinis you’ve picked out so much! I think high waisted might be a great plan for me too, I haven’t worn a bikini in years and it does feel a bit daunting!! If it’s a super pretty bikini though, that always helps Xx

  2. I like ASOS swimwear too! My favourite swim suit is from there and I’m gutted I melted the elastic in one of the straps by leaving it on a hot radiator. I can still wear it but it is a little distorted. Why not visit somewhere like Lake Bled in Slovenia for your holiday? It’s warm but being by a lake is v desirable.
    I loved Croatia islands though it was very hot.

    The south of France is always wonderfully warm too.

  3. I hope you find the dreamiest location for your holiday gorgeous lady, you so so deserve it! I know you’d rock all of these swimwear pieces oh so stunningly, ASOS seem to be such an Aladdin’s Cave for gorgeous beach buys. I love the stripy vibe of the piece bottom left, so gorgeous and goddess-y! <3

    Sophie | soinspo xo

  4. I got a high waisted Bimini last year and I think it’s very flattering, more so than some of the smaller briefs you can get. You’ll look fab, I’m sure if it.
    Hope you find the perfect destination xx

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