Animal Instinct

In a complete contrast to yesterday, today I’m mooching around in jeans and a jumper…both from Next and both via Mum’s wardrobe (cheers Mum!)



I’m not sure Mum will be getting this jumper back, actually. It’s so comfortable and I love the Zebra print; an animal print I’d previously ignored in favour of the more popular Leopard.

Here’s a bit of eye candy for you, too! X-Factor Winner Matt Cardle rocking a Matalan suit at the X-Factor after party.


(photo from Matalan’s facebook page)

Told ya Matalan was rocking it right now! What do you think? Please tell me I’m not the only one a teensy bit in love with Matt!
Dear Santa…


37 comments for “Animal Instinct

  1. great post…fab outfit…I love Animal instinctfollow you follow me too

  2. looking lovely, laura! 🙂 i love zebra print as well as leopard print ♥

  3. i think i’ve overlooked zebra print in the past..but this jumper is lovelky 🙂

  4. I love that jumper, great print and style!
    Ang xxx

  5. love this look xxxx

  6. The zebra print ist so beautiful; I love this outfit!

  7. very lady gaga zebra from just dance 😛

  8. Woow I love this outfit! you look amazing!!

    Ahhhh I agree Matt is very handsome!

    xx Iris

  9. Loving the zebra print!
    You’re not the only one! Aiden was more my type but I wouldn’t mind a bit of Matt 😀

  10. I always favour leopard over zebra too, but you definitely are right, it’s a lovely print x

  11. There is just something about zebra print that I always love. Such a cute sweater!

  12. I love those skinny jeans on U!


  13. I love his suit. So classy.

  14. uhhhh thanks for the eye candy!!!


    My Stylish Little Secret

  15. Mmmm, Matt! He is very yummy. Contraversially, I prefer him with the hat though!

  16. Fab jumper, your mum obviously has good taste.
    I love Matalan at the min too, but i can’t agree on Matt Cardle! x

  17. I just discover your blog and its amazing! 😉
    I like the pictures! I follow you =)
    VIsit my blog ;D

  18. I hope you’re having a happy Thursday!

  19. Oooo he is very cute! x

  20. I would wear that outfit in a second!

  21. I would wear that outfit in a second!

  22. I would wear that outfit in a second!

  23. I would wear that outfit in a second!

  24. I would wear that outfit in a second!

  25. Love a good old comfy outfit!

    And YUM Matt Cardle! I am actually in love with him, haha x

  26. Zebra is a great way to switch up the animal print look. You look beautiful and comfortable. Matt is gorgeous!

    Eternally yours,

  27. you’re not the only one lovin Matt although I am not in love with the song.

    the zebra print is really nice when she asks for it back just convieniantly act like you don’t knwo what she’s talking about. xx

  28. The print is soo cute!! =D

    And I don’t get to see X-factor here, =(!


  29. I love zebra print too. Your top is amazing. Oh and I love Matt too!

  30. Still looking very cool even when you are dressed down.

    Not really a Matt fan here. He is talented though! x

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