Another Wishlist

Perhaps I ought to name Mondays as “Material-days” as they seem to be when my wishlists are at their worst…right now I’m blaming having a birthday fast approaching and people moaning that I don’t want anything…well folks…now you can shush your moaning!

These shoes are Linzi Shoes are pastel perfection…
It’s kind of cheating to list this necklace from as I succumbed already and bought it!
Oh Motel Rocks, I’ve tweeted these shorts enough times lately…I need them…they are Daisy printed after all.
And finally…Nails Inc…my love for them grows stronger by the week, and their latest offering of fishnet effect magnetic polish has my lust-o-meter going off the scale!

There’s probably 1000 other things that have taken my fancy too, I’m hopeless at book marking things!

Either way,
I’m still yet to get excited about my Birthday, and don’t really know what I want/care if I get anything…but it did make a good excuse for a post 😉

What are you loving right now?


7 comments for “Another Wishlist

  1. fishnet metallic nail varnish, A-mazing! xx

  2. Fishnet effect metallic nail polish?
    Yes Please!


    Fashion, Well Done

  3. Those Linzi shorts are rather lovely…
    I’ve been on a massive maxi dress hunt recently, I just can’t seem to get enough!

  4. That nail polish looks ah-mazing!!!


  5. I’ve never heard o the fishnet metallic varnish, but it sounds soo good if it works! xx

  6. those shorts are so lovely!