Sarenza A-Z: N is for Nike

I’m not a sporty girl, not anymore…and yet when it came to picking a brand for this week’s Sarenza post, Nike was the first to come to mind. Hi-tops are having a moment and Nike have it nailed (I also couldn’t resist some floral) and so I bring you week “N” of the A-Z and the shoes I’ve secretly coveted for quite some time.

These Women’s air force 1 are probably the most obvious choice from me…it’s no secret that I love anything even vaguely floral,
however, I think the flowers have been trumped by the dunk high ’08 in either the pink colourway or the grain/grain version.

As a girl who used to wear nothing BUT trainers, as much as I love these I really can’t see me getting the wear out of the now, but what I do know is that you get what you pay for, and as far as statement shoes go, these are a bargain, all at under £100 a pair.

Are you a sports shoe fan? Or does it bring back memories of tragic fashion times?


10 comments for “Sarenza A-Z: N is for Nike

  1. Les trois sont superbes, cependant s’il fallait faire un choix, j’opterais pour la seconde paire.
    Gros bisous

  2. Not a sports fan and I don’t *do* trainers except for proper sports, but I find myself oddly attracted to those middle gold-y coloured ones. Whathave you done Laura!

  3. I don’t own a single pair of trainers. I must buy some when I finally join the gym (HA!). I think they will need to be floral.

  4. I’m normally a converse girl when it comes to wearing lighter shoes but i’d be tempted by the first blue flowery pair.

  5. these are lovely for a pair of nikes! xx

  6. I like the pink nikes 😀

  7. I don’t think I’ve owned trainers since I was in Primary school but I LOVE those pink high tops! xx

  8. Nike trainers are definitely the best. I love hi tops too!x

  9. I loved Nike trainers growing up, they were always the best kind and I always looked forward to getting a new pair xxx