when all else fails

…revert to childhood. Thanks Mum for indulging my serious Smurfs obsession

…stick on your favourite tee from your teenage years

…and snuggle with your fur-baby.

All in all, a pretty perfect laid back Saturday.


26 comments for “when all else fails

  1. haha fantastic, love the title. you look very chic for a sunday!

  2. Sounds like the perfect Saturday to me and that mug is so cute. I really want to see the Smurf movie I am thinking of taking my godson.

  3. Hell yes. Revert to childhood may well become my new motto.

    Olivia xx

  4. Cute tee, and of course Flash is the cutest! Have a happy Sunday! xxx

  5. Jeans+tee, so classic. Your smurf cup is super cute 🙂

  6. I NEED that mug, I have only just realised my smurf obsession is a little out of control.
    Flash ever the cute one xxx

  7. awww I love the Smurfs and your cat Flash is so cute x

  8. Love the Smurfs, I want that mug so bad! Haha


  9. SUCH a cool mug, also I want Flash, so so cute 🙂 xx

  10. Possibly the best cup. ever! x

  11. Jo

    Those jeans look great on you and that t-shirt is awesome!

  12. I love the mug! Where is it from?!

  13. Aww that cup is too cute! x

  14. Am seriously jealous of that pirate t-shirt! xx

  15. The smurfs cup is the best!


  16. Awww such a cute top! 🙂

  17. Eva

    Ahaa, love the top!
    And a laid back sunday sounds perfect to me! x

  18. I love your t-shirt, and the smurf mug is so cool! xx

  19. Kim

    I need that Smurf mug in my life! xx

  20. I love that T-Shirt!
    Flash is gorgeous x

  21. I have to ask… where is your t-shirt from. I love it x

  22. OMG I love that mug!!!! How cute is your cat! xx

  23. You look lovely hun, jeans really suit you :). Love the mug xx