Blast from the past with Skin Art

The first time I used temporary tattoos I was five years old and they featured the power rangers. A few years on, further in to the 1990s when everyone was flashing their body jewellery I experimented a bit more, although those were those odd plastic choker type affairs in celtic designs.

Fast forward a few years and things have changed for the better Skin Art recently got in touch asking me if I’d like to take a look at their range of products, and as I’m considering getting another real tattoo (I have four so far) I thought it a good chance to try out some potential designs.
Skin Art is a collection of beautifully illustrated temporary tattoos, and sparkling glitter tattoos. First launched in 2011 as a limited edition Christmas line, Skin Art flew off the shelves and became a complete sell out in a matter of weeks. Following on from this success, Skin Art ihas launched a brand new collection that has been created for an instant festival / rock star look, with zero commitment.
The temporary tattoo designs are simple to apply using a water / transfer method, and the glitter tattoos are created using loose glitter and stencils, with simple step by steps for a flawless finish. The tattoos can last for up to five days, depending on the design, where it is applied and your skin type. The full range consists of 3 temporary tattoo kits, a sparkling glitter tattoo kit, plus a set of additional stencil designs. Available exclusively from Boots and

As you can see, I was sent quite a variety, my favourite being the “I’m a dreamer” collection.

The tattoos are super simple to apply and are really effective. They last up to five days, depending on where you apply them and what your skin type is which is the perfect amount of time to see if a design is really “you” or for a few days away…a festival perhaps?

I was really impressed by these, and as a pack retails at £7.99 and you get loads of designs I think they are excellent value for money, too. I’m looking forward to experimenting further over the summer and hopefully settling on my new piece of ink.

What are your opinion on tattoos; temporary or not?


15 comments for “Blast from the past with Skin Art

  1. AVY

    Not at all for me, but they work on the right person.

    / Avy

  2. I think tattoos should always be something meaninful, as it wil be there for the rest of your life.

    The last thing want is some ink on your skin that you regret 🙂

    Also, i would only go someone that is a very very good tattoist!

  3. I love tattoos! I only have one but I’m definitely going to get more… But they definitely need some thought!


  4. I love tattoos, and have eight. Planning on finishing my sleeve and getting some more once the baba comes along in a few weeks.

    However, I wouldn’t be into temporary tattoos. But whatever floats your boat, eh? 🙂


  5. They’re so fun aren’t they 🙂 Can’t wait to put some more on (I will be at the weekend)

  6. I think tattoos are really cool, I’ve always thought they’re a great way to express yourself and I would really like to get one at some point, but the temporary ones are great for parties, dress-up and festivals like you said. The hearts looks so cute on you too! xxx

  7. I love tattoos but would not get one done myself I don’t think …. I’m a ninny with pain 😉

  8. I have 4 permanent tats and plan on getting more. The temporary certainly are fun too!

  9. I really want to try these on my feet!

  10. These are such a world away from the Power Rangers tattoos that I too remember so well from Kindheit!

    Would love to try these, as having a proper tattoo holds not real appeal- the permanent nature, the jabbing needles, and not having anything that I want to be anywhere that permanently… but would love to play with temporary ones for interchangeable fun!

  11. How cute!
    Hope you will take a look at my latest post and let me know what you think, I’ll be happy to read your opinion!

  12. Personally I wouldn’t have a tattoo as I can’t think of something I’d want permanantely on my body for the rest of my life! They’re just not really “me”. These temporary ones seem like a good way round it, the ones I’ve seen in the past have been a bit naff but these are pretty

  13. I love the dandelions!

  14. I used to get Henna all the time in HS

  15. I haven’t used temp tatts for years (apart from fancy dress) and never thought I would again. I always used to use them when they came free with bubblegums haha!
    These have tempted me to change my mind though as there are some beautiful designs x