Blessed Zion

I’m spoiling you guys, two awesome brands in one weekend! Following on from yesterday’s quirkiness comes another “not your usual” post featuring the brilliant Blessed Zion, an eco friendly brand which specialises in ‘Street to Chic’.
Debuting in 2010 with a collection using recycled and sustainable denim the brand has gone from strength to strength having appeared at numerous fashion weeks around the world, notably London and New York.
With an award winning head designer (recently winning a designer award at London Fashion Week), Blessed Zion has now been commissioned to dress lead actors for a Waterbabies production in May 2014 and their designs are featured in the 2014 Screen Nation awards.
Above are my favourite pieces from the Blessed Zion webshop and I think they are just gorgeous personally. The designer has a real eye for unique design; with everything from the casual denim jumpsuit (my favourite) through to the risque sheer batik dress. There is clearly a keen eye for detail and a real passion behind each piece…Now I’m more aware of the brand I can’t wait to see more!
There is a new website coming soon (I’ll keep you posted) but for now you can keep up with the latest Blessed Zion happenings via their social media channels: Facebook | Twitter
I know I’m not usually the kind of blogger who is so designer driven, but lately I really seem to have more time and appreciation for the more unique ones out there and plan to dedicate a lot more blog space to them. Let me know what you think!


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  1. There is obviously a wide range of pretty fashions available from Blessed Zion Webshop. I was wondering whether the opaque floral portion with the sheer batik dress was a separate. I love sheer fashions as they afford the opportunity to showcase gorgeous lingerie that is intend to be seen because it is too pretty to remain hidden.