Blimey, Bon Prix

Leather look tee- £24.99

High-low chiffon skirt- £19.99

Skater skirt- £17.99

Leather gladiator sandals- £29.99

Swimsuit- £14.99

Last week I wrote about retailers that have upped their game recently and I would right now like to add Bon Prix and their clothing for women to the list.
It’s not somewhere I would have ever thought to look had it not been for blogging and seeing wishlists pop up left right and center over the last couple of weeks. I had to take a peek for myself and was impressed with what I saw. 
As always seems to be the case with me, it was the prices that seriously impressed. Nothing in my selection is over £30, and even that is for a pair of real leather sandals (that would be just perfect for my holiday). I’m mostly done with holiday shopping now but I wouldn’t mind adding those shoes, and that swimsuit for the days where I don’t feel like a bikini. Oh, and the chiffon skirt would be perfect for evening meals on the beach followed by a walk along the sand in search of a party (or most likely, ice cream).
Looking ahead to the new season it doesn’t get more fashion forward than this leather look tee; the perfect addition to my work wardrobe with potential for weekends too. I do like a good value multi-tasker and this is it.
Not quite fitting in to any season is the yellow skater skirt. It wouldn’t be a wishlist from me without my favourite style popping up now would it?
Have you checked out Bon Prix lately? I applaud them for branching out and appealing to a younger audience.

5 comments for “Blimey, Bon Prix

  1. I have to admit that the swimsuit and sandals do look rather nice…

  2. I certainly wouldn’t have expected anything so fashionable at Bon Prix. Love the colourful swimsuit.

  3. I hadn’t even heard of them til I kept seeing people tweet about them! Love the yellow skirt

  4. I’ve never looked at Bon Prix before, but I’ll definitely have to have a browse now. The yellow skater skirt is lovely, and real leather sandals for under £30 is ridiculously good value!

    Nat x

  5. Love that yellow skirt! Always got to go with the bright colors when the weather allows it!