Blonde Ambition?

With perfect timing, just as I finally had some hair lopped off, a parcel from Aussie arrived. Last time it was a balloon…this time a wig…
I’m enjoying this Angel lark, if only for the increasingly random packages that make their way to my doorstep.

There is method behind this madness though, you see, I signed up for the “lusciously lighter style” challenge,



The first of these trial styles was a blonde bob.
Now, I’ve had short hair before, and I have also at times had highlights, but never have I gone fully blonde before.

well, this shows why.


I’m prepared to go all out for this challenge, truly I am. But golden tresses are ticked firmly off my list!

Maybe vibrant red will be next…

34 comments for “Blonde Ambition?

  1. Well I’ll agree with you that you suit darker hair better but I think the style looks pretty nice!

  2. Kb

    I would def try a bob style, but maybe a different colour, a nice shade of red?

  3. I actually like the cut but the colour is just to different from your natural locks.

  4. The style really suits you, but maybe not the colour.

    I used to have bottle-blonde hair, I cringe every time I see a photograph of it now

  5. This is such an awesome idea and what fun you can be a new person every week this suits you and blonde is a good colour for you xoxo

  6. Like the style but the colour isn’t right for you! Can’t wait to see what the next one is!

  7. I like the cut to but the colour isn’t good! I think the cut would suit a redish tone! xx

  8. oh wow, u really suit the bobbed fringe!xx

  9. hehe so different! the challenge sounds fun but i personally am waay too lazy to die my hair!

  10. The style and the fringe is really good on you! Maybe more of a darker colour though! Sounds like a fun challenge!

  11. I agree that you suit darker colours πŸ˜‰ But nice to try something different all the same! x

  12. The challenge does seem fun but I agree with everyone else that darker hair does suit you!

    Julia @ Reto Jules

  13. Ill be posting about my wig tonight !

  14. darker hair suits you better, also that fringe is horrible. Your own hair is so much prettier πŸ™‚ The challenge sounds like a lot of fun though! xxx

  15. i really love blonde on you! go for it! althou as a red head myself i have to say red is the best colour to be πŸ™‚ x

  16. Hehe, this looks like such a fun challenge! Looking forward to the next one πŸ™‚

  17. do the blonde!!! doooo it, it looks so hot! raaaar!

  18. You look A-MA-ZING with this blonde wig!!!

  19. I think your natural hair colour looks much better than the blond.

  20. I actually like blonde on you. I may be in the minority here but honestly, I don’t see any problems.

  21. I actually think the cut is stunning on you – and in a bright red it would look even better! Orrr, you could go all rebellious on us and have a mohawk. Now THAT I’d like to see πŸ™‚ x

  22. Hi! What a difference! It’s really strange to see your hair in that colour. The cut is elegant, I think, but I like to see you in darker hair because I think It enhances your skin and eyes πŸ™‚
    Anyway, It’s such a great and funny challenge! Looking forward to see the next one!

  23. Lol at the blonde. You definitely suit darker colours! (I am opposite and can’t go darker) xxx

  24. Love the bob style BUT I think auburn would look amazing on you!

    Maria xxx

  25. You look much better as a brunette πŸ™‚

  26. The hairstyle is great, you should really try out a bob.
    But I don’t like the blonde, dark hair looks way better.

  27. yup..i think ull look good as a blonde too…go for it i say

  28. Hahaha amazing photo! Think I like your natural hair better though!

  29. Love the shoes! All so classy πŸ™‚ x

  30. But that style works!!! For real.
    Keep the red.
    Blonde? Bland.
    Grass is always greener I suppose.

  31. quality wig. I’ve always wanted a wig (or 10). It looks great πŸ™‚

  32. You wear it well but you are a brunette – dark, red, copper how ever it comes but definitely darker.

  33. Ooh, it actually looks pretty good! I prefer dark, but you can definitely pull this off too – versatile! Can’t wait to see the next one. x

  34. I like it! I could FOR SURE see you as a red head though too πŸ™‚