Blue Monday

Blue seems a very apt colour to wear on a Monday don’t you think? It’s never the nicest day of the week, although the highlights of mine involved fruit cake from one of our patients, so it could have been worse.

The Yull shoes once again made an appearance. For anyone considering buying a pair; trust me…these are COMFY. No ache in the balls of my feet or heels despite wearing them constantly from 8-6.
Be prepared to receive a lot of compliments on your footwear though.




Tuesday = my day off. No plans, apart from the tattoo (there will be photos) and some catching up on blogs and e-mails.
No more overtime this week either, just my usual half days (I kind of forget I’m only contracted to 17 hours!) so I might even get a chance to do some baking…

What do you vote I make?


34 comments for “Blue Monday

  1. Your dress, tights and hair all look lovely. I hope whatever you bake is both nutritious and so tasty that you will eat all of it and then make some more. It sounds like you have been very busy. I’m curious about what tattoo you had thought of getting and whether there is a story behind it since so many people seem to have a story or meaning related to the ones they’ve gotten.

  2. Such a cute dress and im a major fan of those shoes! Looking forward to seeing your tattoo! Have a good day off lovely xx

  3. Caramel shortbread 🙂

  4. Ooooh looking forward to seeing what tattoo you’re getting!
    I love the dress, very apt for a Monday like you said!

  5. Amy

    I love this outfit, especially the dress! Looking forward to seeing the tattoo too!


  6. I love this dress Laura!


  7. Chocolate avocado cake! Sounds mental, tastes amazing.

  8. oh my, you look beautiful! I love the dress, the shoes and your hair too!

  9. So true to wear blue on a Monday. Love that dress on you you look gorge and the shoes are fab it is sooo nice to find a comfy pair of shoes that look amazing always a bonus xoxo

  10. Insanely jealous of those shoeeees! I am now down to 3 days a week for my last weeks of work so I only have today and tomorrow to go then freedom! 😀

  11. cute outfit – I love the shoes with those!

    and good luck with the tattoo!! x

  12. Cant wait to see the tattoo and I really would like some chocolate brownies, please x

  13. I really want to get some of these shoes, so cute! Can’t wait to see your new tattoo x

  14. I love that dress! xx

  15. ooooh I was wondering if you’d had it done yet. Can’t wait to see it… I’m contemplating another 🙂

  16. LOVE the tights, and the shoes are rather awesome! 🙂

  17. Love the matching dress and tights. I vote for brownies, macaroons or cupcakes!

  18. Gorgeous! I have made ginger rocky road today 😉

    Maria xxx

  19. cute dress xxxxx

  20. Any day is good for blue! I love it. And the shoes are really pretty, I don’t know if I could do the stiletto heel but they look awesome!

  21. Cat

    That peter pan collar is killer 🙂 Love the pairing with the purple tights 🙂

    Can’t wait to see the new ink!!!!!

    ♥ Cat brideblu

  22. Oh goodness your hair is so lovely like this! I feel awful I seem to have been away for far too long.
    Navy blue has recently become one of my favourite colours in recent times so I’m a fan of this dress, the shoes are of course fabulous too! xxx

  23. oh I love this! Fab pics x

    Blending Style, Beauty and Fashion

  24. cute dress and faaaaab shooooes!

  25. Jo

    Oooh what to bake! Maybe something summery with strawberries, it is Wimbledon season after all. Scones with cream and strawberries are always amazing 🙂

  26. Lovely outfit as always 🙂
    Can’t wait to see your tattoo!


  27. Zoe

    I love all the blue, so cute

    Zoe xx
    Life of a Vegetarian Girl

  28. I still haven’t got over my love for those shoes. Sadly out of my price range at the moment though. So impoverished this year 🙁

  29. the navy with your hair is amazing!!! and those choes are lush too.

  30. dev

    ohmygosh I NEED this outfit. SO cute <3

  31. Just catching up but wanted to say how much I love this dress, the colour compliments your new hair really well! xx

  32. this is a cute outfit! and the tat is simple and sweet <3 it

  33. super stylish and fun at the same time! Absolutely love those shoes sweetie, and the colours in this outfit are so pretty with your red hair 🙂