Cat Lady Gone Wild

So quite a lot of my blog posts, tweets, facebook updates and instagram snaps feature cats. It seems I just can’t get enough of those cute little fluff balls and a lot of my recent purchases have had a feline theme. Despite that, this outfit was quite unintentional…it just so happened that I ended up wandering around last weekend looking like the proverbial “Crazy Cat Lady”.

Tee: Pull&Bear | Jeans: Oasis | Vans: ASOS

I was so excited when Pull&Bear opened up in Cabot Circus as I fell in love with their clothes when I was in Spain both years. The prices aren’t as cheap as when you’re abroad but still really very reasonable and the quality is fabulous. This cat print tee was a little gift from Mum and cost £7.99…we saw it when we were shopping a couple of weeks ago and she apparently couldn’t resist.
The ASPCA cat Vans have featured before on the blog in many forms but not on me. These were a birthday present and dear lord I love them. It was probably overkill to pair them with the t-shirt but the jeans kind of break it up. I’ve just discovered there is a hat, too which despite not being my style at all, I want! Oh, and the backpack! The shoes are out of stock in a lot of places but the VANS website, ASOS and Sarenza have all had them in latelyq
I’ve been slacking on getting photos taken recently, I really need to get over my “oh my god I feel so chubby” phase and get on with dressing nice and keeping the outfit posts coming, right? I mean, my style isn’t ground breaking or indeed anything special, but it’s fine to try new things and get feedback from fellow minded people.
TGIF, that’s all I’m saying! Also saying I don’t know why the pics came out blurred, blaming the weather.


13 comments for “Cat Lady Gone Wild

  1. I need more tees in my life! Have a lovely weekend hun x

  2. I love Pull and Bear too, but then if it’s owned by the Zara people I guess I would haha! x

    Josie’s Journal

  3. TGIF indeed! So glad for the weekend. Your cat shoes are just epic- cat anything is good right at the moment.

    Having seen some of your comparison shots of this time last year, I think you’re looking freakin amazing, so get those outfits pictured and up my lady, I know it isn’t always as simple as that and I too am feeling a bit all over heavy and chunky at the moment, despite having mostly been able to let go of worrying too hard about how I look, but I think sometimes it really is when you see pics of yourself, and you see things that I’m pretty certain nobody else does! Anyway- keep at it, you’re looking HOT.

  4. I’ve been definitely having an “I feel fat” phase recently which has not inspired me to take photos at all 🙁

    • I think both of you are gorgeous! Char is quite right-you both see things in fixtures that no one else can fathom! I see the ‘flaws’ in my appearance that society perceives but I just don’t care. As for outfit posts, of course there are truly millions of fashion posters out there and when I post my crappy little outfit shots at times, I sometimes think what on earth am I doing? But I still do it because it is just fun to do it, even if it is just for me and I get few people reading. You, my dear, have a HUGE audience, so you must be doubt something right! Own it! X

  5. I had to be stopped buying loads in the Brighton store this week, loved so much of the stock.

    X x

  6. Those vans are really cute. Also I am SO pleased it’s Friday, well technically Saturday morning as I am writing this. Can’t wait to make the most of the gorgeous weather.

  7. I love your top it is adorable. I want it because I am as much of a cat lady as you are!

  8. I love this look, especially the Vans! Nothing wrong with being a cat lady 😉

    Must admit I’ve been slacking on outfit photos too, my wardrobe is a maze of late!

    Sophie | soinspo xo

  9. I love those vans, I’ve seen a few blogger snaps on Instagram and I’m very tempted! x

  10. You really are cat mad lol just like me xx