Oh Deer

I’m all about the Christmas jumper but hadn’t ever put much thought in to the idea of a Christmas dress. All that changed this year though when I saw this dress appear on the Joy Facebook page recently. Suddenly it made perfect sense to own a dress specifically for the festive season and on a recent shopping trip with my Mum and Grandad I was treated to this beauty.

Dress: Joy | Boots: Betty London | Earrings c/o Susan Caplan

Let’s take a moment to appreciate these earrings which I have been wearing to death lately. I used to be all about the earring bling, but since adding to my ear piercing collection over the last couple of years I tend to favour a more simple design and these gold tear drops are the perfect alternative to the silver studs I usually wear and were also perfect to finish off my Christmas party outfit. I actually own a few pieces from the Susan Caplan at ASOS collection as I love the vintage inspired pieces and the bargain prices!
Back to the dress, isn’t it just the cutest? I love the shape of it, and it falls at the perfect length on me. I wore this to see some of my favourite blogging ladies last week at Blog Club hosted at Betties and Baldwins and felt remarkably under-dressed compared to the girls all dressed up in their sequins and sparkles. I do love a good blogging get together though, despite social anxiety kicking in every damn time. 2015 WILL be the year I finally get over that for good.
Have you got a dress you like to wear during the festive season? I’ll be wearing this loads on the run up to Christmas and probably on the day itself…then it will be carefully stowed away with the novelty knits ready to be rolled out again next year…



The fabulous Emily from Jammy and Jelly illustrated my 2014 resolve to stay healthy. It pretty much made my week and it’s going to be printed out and stuck up where I can’t ignore it. Not that I have any intention to ignore my promise to myself. This is going to be the year for health. I just need to get a couple more pounds on, get my back operation out of the way and get my strength back then the world is my oyster.
Oh, I can’t wait!
Being around other bloggers on Saturday really helped cement this resolution. The difference I felt being around peopel I hadn’t met before compared to the last time was really striking. Before I used to be convinced they’d be paying attention only to how I looked, but this time I felt ok. Not aware of the size of my thighs or if my tummy was sticking out over the top of my skirt.
I still felt insecure, the inferiority complex did kick in…but I’m working on it. A few more visits to #BlogClub (set up by the fabulous Hayley and VAN) and I should come out of my shell. I felt proper anti social as I was too nervous to speak to some of the people there (but hey guys, if you’re reading I think you are awesome!). Baby steps. Just getting there was progress.
What do you hope to achieve?