What’s your true fashion style?

As well as working my “day job” at the doctor’s surgery I have recently taken on another, really exciting role providing content for a new website called Riddle which is based on social sharing of fun and interesting things. I’m super excited to share my first fashion related content with you- and please do get in touch if you’re a blogger and would like to share it too; there are super exciting things ahead and I’d like as many of you to be a part of it as possible!

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Blast of Normality

Dress c/o Goddiva
Boots c/o Shoe Zone
Necklace: Spain
More Tartan! In a more subtle form this time thanks to this gorgeous mini dress from Goddiva. I wasn’t too sure about how it’d look when I selected it but I followed my instinct and sized up for a more relaxed fit and it’s now one of my favourite dresses I own. I broke the “rules” a bit by adding black tights and boots but I loved how the all worked together and these trusty boots dress down the dress to reflect my “off duty” style.
With only two days until Christmas I must be the only person in the world excited to be heading in to work this morning, but after 6 weeks off sick and in constant pain I’m delighted to finally be at the point where I am fit to return and get my normal life back. I’m a person who loves to work and have missed my colleagues and patients dreadfully. Not being able to do what I usually do doesn’t sit well with me and ever since I could get out of bed on my own I’ve been itching to get back.
Things are mostly better. My left leg semi functions now and I’m in not as much pain, it’s still slow going though and hopefully seeing a neurosurgeon in the new year will help shed some light on prognosis and if it’s likely to happen again.
Phew, bit of a life ramble there. I’d best finish getting ready. My fob watch is being replaced by a festive brooch today and I’m tempted to initiate carol singing in the waiting room.
Bring it on!
What are you most excited about this week?
P.S. blogging will be slower this week with all the festive happenings and getting used to being back at work. I’m sure it’s the same for many of you so if this is the last post you read, have a good ‘un!

second skin

Dress c/o Chi Chi
Shoes: Bertie
Bracelet c/o Lulu Pearls
I appear to now have quite a collection of Chi Chi dresses and with each new arrival in my wardrobe my love for the brand grows a little bit more.
This particular dress is one of those “I’ll chance it” type things, I had no idea what to expect it to look like on and to be honest, I didn’t expect to like how it looked on me.
Time to eat my words I guess; not only can I see myself wearing this out in public, I also enjoy how it fits and how it will fit when I have a few more curves.
I even managed to stick on some heels for a few minutes before admitting defeat. Shallow, but I don’t feel like me when I have to live in trainers and flats. Roll on my foot being fixed!
The bracelet came courtesy of a lovely lady named Lulu who contacted me whilst I was away in Spain. I’d never heard of Lulu Pearls  but a bit of poolside browsing told me that I liked what I saw and indeed she sold the kind of things I had spent much of my holiday searching for.
I love wrap bracelets and had been on the hunt for the perfect one and I believe it’s now mission accomplished. It’s not just wrap styles she sells- the whole range is available on the website and will soon be sold on ASOS too.
Monday again and work calls. I’ve just been awarded a proper phlebotomist role at work so I now do a 50/50 split of reception and blood taking. It’s an odd combination, I agree, but I love my job and never really dread or suffer from that Monday morning feeling.
For those of you who do, here’s a token gesture of a kitty sleeping…it’s about time Mae showed her face again.
(And why not cheer yourself up with a spot of shopping at Lulu’s site or Chi Chi?)


Dress c/o Warehouse
Top: C&A in Holland
Boots: ASOS
As you can see, my photos (as per) fail to do this gorgeous Warehouse dress justice. I was so excited when I was asked if I’d like to choose something from the website, I just knew that this was the dress for me!
I wore it for my shopping and dinner date with Trudi layered with my ever faithful top that I picked up on my ill-fated trip to Holland- my foot still isn’t right you know?! Madness. I probably should be choosing more sensible shoes but needs must.
How’s the short week treating you? As ever I’m on my early early start for work today- as if 8am isn’t early enough! At least I finish at 1pm to hang out with someone awesome. The next couple of weeks are going  to be especially mad on a Wednesday as I’ll be going straight from my shift at my usual work place over to another surgery to do a clinic there to help them out. I’m nervous but really excited too as this is a great chance to build up my experience.
Anyway, enough work talk so early in the day, I’m on the weekend countdown!


I have a bit of an obsession with all things velvet at the moment so when I saw this skirt on Missguided at a bargain price I couldn’t not order it. To be honest, for the price I wasn’t expecting greatness but this is one of hte nicest skirts I own, the fit and length is wonderful and it’s super comfy. I paired it up with one of my ASOS cat jumpers and called it an outfit for an afternoon at home.

This week is coming along nicely, my brother is home and we’re catching up, eating out and generally chilling. I’m starting to feel like socialising more and I have a couple of evenings out coming up including going to see Ellie’s pupils in their school production tonight…exciting.

I’m off work next week and hope to have some fun, crutches or not. Physio session later and maybe, just maybe I can ditch the wretched sticks. I’m itching to get active again, to walk and be independent. I’m almost tempted to say “sod it” and walk through the pain in my own special way!

Before all that though, a morning in the office beckons. I’ve said this before but I do love my workplace, it never feels like a chore to go in and do a shift or two; even when I moan or we have a really demanding day you leave ready for the next one…I’m so grateful to the surgery for the chance they took on me.

Catch you tomorrow loves, for FRIDAY FEVER!