Chic Unique

You can’t beat a surprise in the post for putting a smile on your face, and last week when this pink swallow earrings dropped through my door from Chic Unique the theory was once again tested and proved correct.

Chic Unique encapsulates modern design and fashion and adds a funky, unique, vintage edge yet still at affordable prices making it accessible for all tastes, budgets and occassions.
We specialise in bespoke design for any taste and budget, an up cycle and repair service is also available upon request.
We have also had jewellery worn at the Brit Awards by the up and coming artist Tiger Lilly in 2011.

I love the cute designs, my current favourites from the site are the “to catch a bird” Necklace (£14), “time for tea!” Ring (£10) and the Scrabble Initial Earrings (£15)

What is your favourite piece? Check out the online shop … it is almost (or, just gone) payday!

And whilst your at it, don’t forget my 1000 follower giveaway below!


P.S. another never fail smile maker?

Finding THE perfect striped jumper for a bargain price! Thank you T.K. Maxx, thank you from both myself and my bank account.

27 comments for “Chic Unique

  1. OOOh all of their items are so cute, but I especially like the teacup ring.

  2. That jumper dress looks fantastic on you – I need to get me some ‘Autumn/Winter’ staples again & soon I think.
    Those earrings are awesome what a fab way to start your week & the teacup ring – lust list! x x x

  3. oooh, i love those pink earrings and your jumper!
    Jules @ A Bit of Jules

  4. cool jumper and accessories.

  5. That jumper dress is gorgeous!pst. I like the tights too! x

  6. yes, that jumper is fabulous. I adore TK Maxx so much

  7. Oh those swallow earrings are gorgeous! And I love the jumper too!

  8. the items are gorgeous! I love the pink swallow earrings, so cute 🙂
    and beautiful jumper, i need to get down to tk maxx!



  9. Those earring are gorgeous, they’re such a unique colour!

  10. Love the earrings!

  11. Love the time for tea ring… it’s always time for tea with me!
    Great jumper, totally miffed at TKMaxx at the moment though… BAD customer service!

  12. I stand by the fact there is always a bargain to be had in TKMaxx xxx

  13. Love your new sweater!


  14. I’m both a Scrabble fanatic and a committed tea-drinker, so the earrings AND ring are my favorites here.

  15. Those earrings are soo sweet, i lovee them.
    Gorgeous jumper too x

  16. Jo

    I love the scrabble earrings, so quirky and cute. I’ve seen them done as rings before but not as earrings.

  17. loving the oversized sweater!

    paola (new post)

  18. Jumper envy! That is an absolute beauty.

  19. What a great website, I love the time for tea necklace on there.

  20. I love Chic Unique as well. I got those earrings and love them.

  21. Mat

    tkmaxx is thee place isn’t it!

  22. Ohh the jewellery cute! Gonna have a peek 🙂

  23. i adore those scrabble earings….adore!

  24. Love your jumper and those scrabble earring are just great 🙂

  25. I adore them! I already have scrabble earrings but they are plain, not including cute little roses- pity! the bird earrings are wonderful, I want!!!!

    Hmmm, thick, warm, nautical striped jumper! What’s not to love about that!

  26. I love that jumper so much.