Saturday evening after a hard afternoon browsing the shops saw Best Friend (Trudi) and I pay a visit to a nearby Chiquito restaurant thanks to a generously supplied voucher for the purpose of checking out their extensive menu. I’d never been before so really wasn’t sure what to expect. I’m not the best at dining out, I can find it quite stressful but from the moment we stepped foot inside the Cribbs Causeway restaurant I realised there was no need to feel anything other than relaxed. The staff who greeted us were incredibly friendly and promptly showed us to our table, presented us with menus and a bowl of popcorn (anywhere that serves popcorn is a winner by me, yum!)
We ordered drinks, Trudi, as the driver was pleased to see they had some exciting non-alcoholic cocktails on the menu too and opted for a Virgin Strawberry Daiquiri which looked impressive next to my more reserved rum and coke!

We had a good old browse of the menu, bearing in mind the waiter’s helpful recommendations. In the end we narrowed it down and ordered. I went for one of the “sizzling specials” which was mango glazed cod served with fajita vegetables, corn on the cob and a choice of sides

Trudi ordered the BBQ Texan Chicken Melt which had me drooling from over the other side of the table!
We didn’t have to wait long for the food but I wouldn’t have minded if we did. The restaurant had a really relaxed and friendly vibe to it and it was noisy enough for there to be a buzz but not so much that you couldn’t chat. During the meal the waitress popped back to check on us once which was great- I hate it when you end up feeling ignored but also hate it when you are being disturbed every few seconds whilst trying to eat!

It would have been rude not to check out the dessert menu too, chocolate brownie and ice cream? Not very mexican but just look…
This may have been my first visit to Chiquito but it most certainly won’t be my last…there’s so much on the menu that I want to try and the place itself invites repeat custom. A big thank to them for providing us with the voucher for this post, all opinions are however mine (and Trudi’s) own and expect to see further meals from there pop up on instagram in the near future!
Are you a fan of Chiquito? What do I need to try next?


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  1. I have never been to Chiquita before. The food looks and sounds delicious! I will definitely have to check it out next time we are at Cribbs.

  2. I have never been to Chiquita before. The food looks and sounds delicious! I will definitely have to check it out next time we are at Cribbs.

  3. whoops sorry have posted the same comment twice! Not sure what happened there.

  4. I went to Chiquitos on Friday and loved it! been a few times now and I would definitely recommend the quesadillas and you need to try the sweet potato fries, yum! x

  5. I must admit I haven’t heard of it before, although I don’t suppose there is one close to me.

  6. That cocktail looks AMAZING!!

    I have to admit I’ve only been there once and it wasn’t exactly a pleasant experience so I never went back which was a shame as I love Mexican food, but hopefully its improved now.

    Your dinner looks absolutely delicious btw xoxo

  7. I love Chiquito but I haven’t been for ages! Maybe I’ll pop down this weekend for a Mexican Easter meal.

  8. I love Chiquitos but they’re rare and far between these days! I used to go loads as a kid with my parents because we all love mexican!

    I agree on the vibe, it’s sooo relaxed an I love the music!

    Amy x

  9. Looks tasty tasty!

  10. We’ve been a few times and have always had good service and good food.

    X x

  11. I’ve never been before, but it always looks busy whenever I go past. That food looks yummy! xxx

  12. I have never been, but now I am drooling. Damn you! =P

  13. I wanted to go to Chiquito’s once but they had ran out of chicken (whaaaat!?) so I of course left. Trudi’s meal looks nommy!


  14. Fajitas! Mexican is one of my favourites and we have a Chiquito’s on Leicester Square om nom nom! x
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  15. I haven’t eaten there, but I know one opened near me last year. Those brownies look SO good xxx

  16. this just made me extremely hungry! x

  17. I love eating out, Chiquitos looks great x

  18. I have never been but I am heading there on thursday as my friend has a 20% off voucher! Im excited now I have seen your post 🙂 x

  19. YUM I love Mexican food.

  20. This place sounds great! I’m in love with Mexican food – everything looks so good! I remember that awful stress at restaurants but it sounds like you had a great time, I’m so pleased x

  21. I have been to that Chiquito once and it was really nice. x

  22. I love Chiquitos! Their veggie dishes are lovely xo