Client is a new unisex fashion label from Kate Holmes, founder of the band of the same name. Equal parts austere and sneakily sexy, the line is as influenced by the cold war as it is by Kraftwerk, Koolhaas, and the coolest clubs in the world.

The Client line – a capsule collection including clothing, accessories, and makeup – is all about utilitarian ease… with a hint of edgy sensuality bubbling underneath.

What is a CLIENT?

A secretary, a call girl, a lawyer’s customer and accountant’s patron – they’re all clients – male or female. The Client collection nods to uniforms and office wear but interprets that feel with a knowing, modern twist. The pieces are updated, uniquely tweaked takes on the sensibility of what you might expect an old-school shop assistant to wear – or even your lawyer – and the fantasies they might inspire some customers to have after they leave.

Who is CLIENT?

The band Client has built a loyal international following, touring the world over the last five years. The group has played tastemaker clubs literally across the globe – in countries like China, Finland , Germany, America, and Mexico – and have sold a vast amount of merchandise like fitted, logo-ed t-shirts along the way. The clothing line is distinct from the band, but echoes the imagery and aesthetic of that salient, visual live show.

What makes up CLIENT?

Upon launch, the Client line will consist of utilitarian dresses, a skirt, a blouse, unisex t-shirts, jackets, trench coats and accessories . Everything is easy-to-wear and versatile, but still makes
a statement… all for not too much money. The pieces are designed for each wearer to customize with their own accessories and existing wardrobe, whether with designer pieces, high street purchases, or vintage finds.

What is the ethos of CLIENT?

We aim to source all our material and manufacture here in the UK. We also have a “remade” label which is a sustainable line of used army and field surplus wear re-cut and re-made by Client – all sourced in Wales.

CLIENT… Satisfaction Guaranteed.

I’m loving the look of new label Client who have already been featured in Vogue and InStyle. The sleek, chic and military vibe really appeal to me and the pieces look perfect for a more grown up, refined style.

The shop has literally just opened, I was pretty disappointed not to have been able to make it to the launch!

You can check them out online, on facebook and on tumblr

What do you think? It’s a far cry from my usual style, but I think I’m ready to embrace the change.


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  1. Ooh, never heard of them before. I really, really like it, great shoot – especially the trench! x

  2. Looks great. I can’t wait to see more.

  3. haha Laura, I had to leave you a comment to mention this. Your little “I Shop, Therefore I Am” logo thing on the side of your blog is in my Social Science University textbook. Made me giggle just a little bit.

    Love x

  4. wow, can really see the influences! looks like a great line 🙂

  5. I love the last photo and like you said, I really like the military style, I think it looks really chic. xxx

  6. Not really my style either but I can appreciate the pretty pictures! Love the first one


  7. Such a great label, some really beautifully made pieces I can’t wait to see more

  8. Looks great, hadn’t heard of it before.

  9. I had never heard of this brand before! But it sounds super cool. And I love the simplicity and elegance of their designs. 🙂

  10. I like Your style! Fabulous and superb post on fashion related terms and concepts. Your photos are amazing! All Outfits are perfect and the collar is a great