Craving Clarks

Can you believe all these shoes are by Clarks?
Up until a year or so ago I associated the brand with footwear favoured by the elderly; or on the other end of the scale, memories of trying to find a decent pair of school shoes to fit my flipper feet. 
It seems the brand have moved on though and produced some seriously cool design, with the added bonus of them being made by a brand with true British Heritage who’s main priority remains with comfort.
The top pair of sandals are very similar to a tribal pair I already own, I am really quite tempted by these though as they are in the sale at Bells Shoes for a mere £29.99.
Not one pair of these beauties will cost you more than £60 which is another thing I love about the brand, they use quality leather yet still manage to keep things affordable. Bravo Clarks, bravo.
I can see my collection expanding in the near future- I currently own a couple of heeled pairs as well as some flat leather sandals and some rather snazzy cut out brogues (not to mention the leopard print loafers)
Have you had a look at Clarks lately? What brands have really upped their game recently for you?
For more bargains on branded footwear or to see more of Clarks designs take a peek at Bells Shoes, yet another new to me online retailer. This is getting dangerous!

One comment for “Craving Clarks

  1. I have to say I’m impressed with Clarks offerings at the moment – they’re really started to become fashion-forward in recent years x