Crazy cat lady- the home edit.

With a move to a place of my own on the horizon I’ve been browsing the internet like a woman possessed for some little bits and pieces suitable for jazzing up a rented flat. Of course I soon got distracted from my search for basic bargains, affordable things that I will be using on a daily basis…the second I clapped eyes on one cat related item I carried on with the feline theme.
1. Felix Cushion, £8.99 from Dunelm. This is one thing I probably could justify as cushions are essential for a cosy home and this one is both super pretty and affordable. Safely bookmarked for the second I put down my deposit!
2. Lara Alley Cat Plate, £19.95 from Liberty. Plates are something that everybody needs in their life, but I really don’t think I can justify almost twenty quid on one no matter how awesome it may be. Hopefully I’ll find a cheaper alternative somewhere, or these will get reduced in a sale at some point as suddenly no other plate will do.
3. Siamese Cat Salt and Pepper Set, £12 from Lisa Angel. I don’t care if the 99p shop sells perfectly adequate salt and pepper sets, these adorable pair belong in my cupboard. One for the Christmas list!
4. Cat Lamp, £79 from Maiden. Pricey yes…but living alone for the first time in my life means I might suddenly develop a fear of the dark, right? Grasping at straws to justify this one!
5. Pewter Cat Sugar Spoon, £19.50 from Not On The Highstreet. An item that I have absolutely no need for in my life as I don’t take sugar in my drinks and it’s a huge extravagance, but I have a thing for pretty spoons and this would be a super pretty decorative item…if any one sees a cheaper alternative, let me know!
What essentials do I actually NEED when I move out? Leave a comment or links below if you see any more cat themed home-wares that I can pop on my wish list.


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  1. I think I like the sugar bowl best.

    Here are a few things I think you should keep in mind to buy for your move:
    – Cleaning equipment – boring but essential
    – Mugs, plates, bowls cutlery and a tray – trays are always handy
    – Pots, pans and a baking tray
    – The most useful things I have in my kitchen are: – Very handy and pretty cheap. I have the whole set and use them on a daily basis.

    Oh and cat salt and pepper shakers 😀

  2. You’re gonna find me boring but: hoover, mop and bucket, bins, towels, tea towels, oven mitt, baking trays, frying pan, saucepans, measuring jug besides the obvious. A cute rug always brightens up the place. X

  3. I seriously need all of these.! I have some cat salt and pepper shakers in my house.

  4. All of these cat related items are cute. I especially like the Felix Cushion from Dunelm.

  5. Janine C

    If you regularly cook you’ll need things like a sieve, a knife block (with knife selection), measuring jug, slotted spoon, wooden spoon etc etc
    Things that are so boring but necessities are. ..
    loo brush and holder
    little bathroom waste bin (for make up wipes etc)
    laundry basket
    coat hangers
    tea towels
    bath towels
    sugar, coffee and tea holders

    it’s so exciting that you’re planning on moving out!
    janine xx

  6. Caroline

    You’ll need so much boring stuff.

    Microwave, kettle toaster etc
    Pyrex dishes
    Casserole dishes
    Actual bedding. Like duvets and pillows and shit because you’ll have VISITORS

    Bathroom stuff. Loo brush and crap like that


    Iron and ironing board

    Living like a grown up SUCKS ARSE

  7. I love the salt and pepper shakers, very cute. I always end up Etsy looking at animal themed house pieces, which is like being Alice and disappearing down a very long and dark hole – Etsy makes me want to money I don’t have, but they have some very cute things on there. Folksy is the British equivalent and also very good and bad for my bank balance! – Tasha xxx

  8. I love the cushion! It’s easy to get distracted looking at pretty things rather than sensible things, but you do need to add a bit of character to the place too! When I moved out for uni we had the most horrendous hoover that literally did nothing, so I know it sounds boring but I will definitely be investing in a decent hoover when I get my own place!

    Natalie Just a Thought

  9. this is so so cute! that cat lamp is just the sweetest

  10. Oh my god I need that cushion x