Meow or Never

Another day and yet another piece of cat related clothing, I just can’t help myself! River Island only served to encourage me the other week too, when they had a free delivery code for a day and I happened to have a little bit of cash in my paypal account burning a hole in my virtual pocket.

Tee: River Island | Jeans: New Look | Boots: Jeffrey Campbell

This tee is basically my dream fit. Baggy without being shapeless, a not in your face colour that isn’t black or white and a cat related slogan. At £16 it’s actually more than I would usually pay for a top (because I’m cheap) but in the land of the high-street I think it’s pretty good value and is of excellent quality.

This is quite typical of what I wear on a work from home afternoon when I have no plans on leaving the house. As much as I love the colour of these jeans I’m not sure where I stand on how I look in them. Recovery is a tough nut to crack and although I’m physically healthy and have been at a healthy weight for three, almost four months now (which is the longest I ever have in my adult life) I’m struggling mentally with body image. As much as I know that to anyone else I look fine, I still can’t accept my reflection in the mirror with anything but a sinking heart and it’s taking all of my strength not to give in. It’ll be much better when my back starts behaving again and I can get out and exercise and tone up, I think once that starts to happen things will become easier. In the mean time I’m just reminding myself of how much more I can do these days and how many goals and ambitions I have for the coming months.

Sorry for that little tangent, my fingers just started writing. Lets focus on something happier, like these boots. I resent needing to wear them in August but they are pretty damn awesome. I love the colour and they are surprisingly versatile to pair with things. The height is also perfect for every day wearing and I can walk for miles in them comfortably. I am going on a shoe ban for the next few months, I have more pairs than I can possibly store, especially once I move so I’m going to have a good sort out and sell some on ebay/depop and those that I keep I’ll be wearing to death. Size 7 folks keep your eyes peeled!

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10 comments for “Meow or Never

  1. I love this tee, it looks great xx

  2. Keep your strength, keep your faith and believe with all you are that you are doing the right thing and that you will eventually start to feel comfortable in your body and it will be a healthy fit strong body xx

    Boot in August is wrong but at least they are cute!

  3. You are doing so well!! Remember that! You are fab and capable of so much which you can only do in your present state and beyond.
    I really love those JCs! As soon as I clicked through I thought, “Yay, it is the Campbells!!” And the t shirt is beyond cute x

  4. Looking fabulous here, sending you lots of love as always!

    Maria xxx

  5. You have come so far Laura so when you feel shaky just remind yourself of that and that tomorrow is another day. Just because you feel bad one day, does not mean you will the next. When you close your eyes to go to sleep at night your ending one chapter and starting another.
    You look fantastic and are such an inspiration to me – keep going kitty cat!

    Gems x

  6. Love the top Laura, just too cute and those boots are amazing. I’m sorry to hear you’re struggling at the moment with your body image, but know that you’re so inspirational and deserve happiness. Sending lots of love your way! – Tasha xxx

  7. I love this top, I think really casual tee’s are so nice! Especially for days when there is no need to dress up. You have a lovely figure 🙂

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  8. Vix

    Keep it up, love! You know you can do it, you’ve got bucketloads of inner strength and determination and you’d get through this blip soon. Those boots are gorgeous. xxx

  9. Ellie

    It took me about 18 months at AND ABOVE bmi20 to come to terms. You need to persist and stop looking at the reflection with comparison eyes. If you constantly compare now with then, you will only ever feel crappy. Just look at your image today and you will start to accept it and feel like your body fits you properly.