Cut the Mustard

With next payday still a few days away (sob!) I’m looking back at last pay day and wondering why on earth I indulged in quite so many treats. The high street is a death trap for my bank account at the moment, awash with amazing pieces that I simply need to own. One such piece that I couldn’t leave Cabot Circus without was this Mustard one from Joy that I tried one when I went for a little playdate there back in September and hadn’t stopped thinking about since.

Dress: Joy | Gilet and Tights: New Look | Boots: Zara

This dress makes for a surprising addition to my wardrobe for two reasons; firstly swing dresses aren’t the most flattering of shapes and I don’t own many of them and secondly the colour- mustard isn’t a colour I ever saw myself wearing but after trying the dress on and seeing that it did actually suit me (and the shape of the dress was actually quite flattering after all) I was sold…bordering on obsessed.

I wore the dress for a rare girls day with my Mum, cousin and Auntie. It wasn’t too chilly considering we’re in October so I opted for this ancient (faux) fur gilet from New Look- this has to have been in Mum and I’s joint wardrobe for at least six years now in place of a coat. I added in these berry coloured tights and my taupe Zara boots for the perfect autumnal palette and called myself good to go. It’s quite a simple outfit but I loved the combined effect. This is a really versatile dress and you can expect to see quite a lot of it styled in various ways over the coming months!

In writing this post I of course visited the Joy website which was possibly a huge mistake. I’m now seriously coveting this dress for over the festive season and this jumper which is probably next on my clothing purchase list- come on pay day, hurry up!
Have you ever been surprised by what colours suit you? How are you keeping warm this Autumn? I’m impatiently waiting for it to get cold enough to pop on my coat that I also picked up in Joy after not being able to leave it behind on the day of my play date.
I feel I should add the disclaimer that this post is not compensated by Joy and I paid for all items myself…I’m just ever so slightly more than obsessed with their range of clothes, and the lovely ladies that work in the Bristol store (could I sound like any more of a creep?!)
Given that I’ve done a lot of showing off recent purchases lately I feel like I should highlight the fact that you can find fabulous discounts online- check out these codes for ASOS for example…you can thank me later!


2 comments for “Cut the Mustard

  1. The outfit is really nice and suits you. Yes, I like mustard now whereas before I really didn’t think I could wear yellow. X

  2. I love the mustard colour on you and the style of this dress, very autumnal with the gilet and tights!