diet coke break

Two weeks ago I was challenged to give up something I’m addicted to for two weeks by Now Pensions. I could have gone down the obvious route and given up smoking for two weeks, but given that I have cut down drastically but am not yet ready to quit completley (in time, in time) I didn’t wish to inflict that upon anyone just yet.

So I went for my second big weakness; Diet Coke. I am rarely seen without a bottle or can on my person and the money I spend on it is shocking. But needs must, with the promise of a donation to a charity of my choice (B-eat for those interested) I was determined to give it a shot.

And how was it?
For the most part, not too bad. I did seek alternatives; Dr Pepper Zero was a favourite, but my consumption was far, far less and as most shops only stock Diet Coke/Pepsi I couldn’t waste money so freely on picking up a bottle or two on a lunchbreak or random jaunt.
I think the toughest times were the times I was out for a meal/snack. Sparkling water became my friend much to my tastebuds disgust and my skins rejoice. And then there was the time a popular fast food establishment wouldn’t serve me a coffee because they had no lids and I had to practically beg and swear on my life that not a single drop would be spilt before it was carried over to our table at a snail’s pace.

I didn’t slip however, and yesterday, once the two week’s was up I cracked open a can and savoured the sparkles.

Will I be giving it up for good?
Well, no…
but it was an interesting experiment and I will be making a concerted effort to keep my consumption minimal; I don’t need it as much as I thought I did, and the extra cash in my pocket is best kept there for other treats!

Have you ever given something up for a set period of time? How did you find it?

And for those rolling their eyes and sending me to hell for my nicotine habit, I’m looking to take part in Stoptober with a view to quitting for good….anyone with me on that?!


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  1. I’ve gone cold turkey on diet coke before. It was hellish, never again. Also, not that it’s an addiction, but I used to drink a lot more than I do now, but having had to give it up entirely for periods of time, it really made me appreciate a glass or two rather than a case or five.

  2. My biggest accomplishment was quitting smoking, still miss it like crazy even 12+ years down the line but could never go back now.
    I frolic with giving up coffee occasionally but naah!

  3. Natalie S

    I’m about 3 weeks in on non smoking and it definitely does give you a sense of achievement (and wow, hello extra cash!!).

    Well done on the 2 week diet coke ban! I hope that if you decide to do the stoptober challenge you’re successful – don’t push yourself on it if you’re not ready though, i think you’re challenging yourself quite a lot right now and it’s probably gona feel pretty stressful and overwhelming at times – i don’t think i could have quit smoking when i was at the same stage as you, i needed to concentrate on one thing at a time but it’s different for everyone – good luck with whatever you decide to do!!

    Ps – love your new hair xxx

  4. There’s one word for this experiment in my domain, and that word is No. Perhaps prefixed with “HELL TO THE”.

  5. Having a think about it, turns out I’ve given up pretty much everything I have (had) a love for. I find it hard to stop checking emails/blogs/twitter though! x

  6. AVY

    Diet Coke tastes terrible, I can only drink the real stuff.

    / Avy

  7. German Kessler

    I too enjoy beverages, especially coke and pepsi. and i don’t really like the diet ones. but recently i gained some fat, and i find myself forced to quit them for good.
    thinking (and hoping) i could switch to diet ones, i looked for information on how sugar sweetened and diet beverages influence viceral adipose tissue and got to the conclusion that i’d better start getting used to teas and water.

  8. I keep saying i will give up crisps, but it never happens – I just can’t live without them!

    Gems x

    Fashion, Well Done

  9. Interesting post, I’ve never been hooked on a certain drink before but I do love chocolate, maybe I could go cold turkey on that ?

  10. I think it was a good experiment for you to give it up for two weeks & shows that you can do it! You have already read my post on this today but I am determined not to give in to those bubbles! So odd that we both posted about this on the same day!! xx

  11. Well done, I love a Diet Coke!


  12. Well done for sticking to it!
    You should try an electronic cigarette to help you cut down on smoking, if not quite altogether. I find mine great but was only ever a social smoker to start with x

  13. This is such a great thing to do. I am the same with Coke Zero. I am so addicted to it. I drink it all day every day and I spend heaps of money on it too. My family is so worried about me. I’ve tried to give it up before but I always come back to it. I was the same I never knew what to do when I was out for a meal.

  14. Good on you! Diet coke is a hard thing to give up. I’ve managed to cut down to one or two cans a week because I’m not supposed to be drinking caffeine at the moment. I think it’s definitely helped my skin.